My So-Called Hectic Life

It’s officially summer and that means I have a social calendar filled to the brim. As a highly sensitive person, it doesn’t take much for me to feel overwhelmed. While I love to be around my people, I also love having a routine and my solitude. It’s how I recharge, relax, and feel most comfortable.

But hey, YOLO. Are the kids still saying that?

Because of these full days, I haven’t had much time or energy to post anything! Continue reading to see what I’ve been up to and what’s still in store.

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Decorating The Perfect Room: Marinate or Make It Happen?


I love checking out people’s houses and how they decorate. If you invite me over, I must have a tour. Don’t worry, I won’t be inspecting your medicine cabinet. Instead, I’m poring over what you have hanging on your walls.

So it’s no surprise that I love the House Tours and House Calls on Apartment Therapy. Recently, one home tour really stood out to me because of the people’s decorating philosophy, which inspired me to reevaluate my decorating process.

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How to Manage Without a Linen Closet

Hallway stairwell landing storage makeshift linen closet apartment bathroom neutral coastal eclectic natural decor salmon Shrimp Toast repurposing rope baskets The DIY Homegirl

I envy homes with built-in storage. Hell, I envy a home that has a linen closet. See, my apartment bathroom really lacks storage… unless you count the space under the sink, which is just yucky to me. Only gross things go there, like the garbage can and toilet brush.

Having no bathroom storage is kind of a big deal. To alleviate having no medicine cabinet, I hung a few floating shelves in the bathroom. But for the rest of my toiletries, I needed more space. So I created a makeshift linen closet just outside my bathroom door.

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Living in a White Box: Creative Headboards

Living-in-a-White-Box-Creative-Headboards unique innovative repurposing alternatives apartment rental home living decoratingThe-DIY-Homegirl-My love of unique headboards started in my childhood. I remember applying lots of stickers to my headboard as a young’un. I also remember my mother not being too fond of this bold move. She should’ve been more upset that it was a hideous look.

As a teenager, I shunned headboards and decorated my bed in other ways. Like taping pages from Tiger Beat and Bop on the wall next to my bed. (I’d still do a “headboard” made of yummy Keanu Reeves photos today… Vanilla Ice, not so much.)

My love of creative headboards still reigns—and why should it stop? Non-traditional headboards are a great way to spice up a boring apartment bedroom. Continue reading for the latest installment of Living in a White Box and for some wonderfully unique headboard alternatives.

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Warm & Feminine Apartment Bathroom Makeover

Apartment Budget Bathroom Makeover Asian decor batik pink fuchsia double panel shower curtain linen vanity sink skirt neutral windchimes wall art fresh flowersThe DIY Homegirl

Sometimes I feel like completing a room makeover is like waiting for a Kardashian to fall into a black hole of anonymity. As much as you want it to happen, it doesn’t look like it will anytime soon.

But hot damn, this bathroom makeover is finally done! Read along to find out what challenges I overcame during this makeover and how I transformed my boring apartment bathroom into a warm, soft space.

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DIY Skinny Jeans Tutorial: How to Create a Customized Pair

DIY Skinny Jeans Tutorial The DIY Homegirl sewing customized personalized fit denim refashioning clothing alteration

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Scratch that, jeans are a girl’s best friend… when they fit perfectly.

Finding jeans with a great fit that are easy on the budget is like the quest for the Holy Grail. Add to that a pair of skinny jeans that are flattering in all the right ways? Fuggedaboudit.

Skinny jeans tend to come in fabric that’s so thin, it’s not flattering for a woman like me with extra junk in the trunk. On the other hand, bootleg and straight-leg jeans tend to be made with a heavier, sturdier denim. This makes these styles a great choice for refashioning into skinny’s—you just want to make sure the waist and hips fit perfectly.

All you need are basic sewing supplies and a little patience (and maybe a decent Axl Rose impression to sing the song I just stuck in your head).
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My Weekly Gratitude

Weekly gratitude springtime buds The DIY Homegirl

It’s easy to get lost in life sometimes. One thing that’s always helped me feel grounded and at peace is to think of everything I’m thankful for. With that in mind, I decided to try something new. Each week, I’ll post the current things I’m grateful for. Continue reading to see what’s got me feeling great this week.

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Dark and Dramatic Bathroom Moodboard

Valspar New Spruce Dark & Dramatic Masculine Bathroom Moodboard by The DIY Homegirl teal blue-green gray black slim vanity stone brushed nickel Asian modern natural decor

I’ve been crushing on dark rooms lately. Alas, painting one of my rooms a luscious, dark hue would be impractical. Since I live in a rental, it would take an enormous amount of time & energy to do it and then paint it back to the original barfy beige.

So I kept my fantasies of a dark, seductive room in my head, where 978,345 other thoughts reside. Until my old man started talking about making over his bathroom. I gently pitched the idea of a dark room to him and let it simmer (which may be the best way EVER to do something you want). A few weeks later, he mentioned painting the room a deep hue and I did a happy dance in my head. My glee probably showed on my face as well; I do wear my heart on my sleeve.

And so it was. I started perusing the interwebs immediately for inspiration and items to use. I even let him help a little, allowing him to pick the vanity. Continue reading to see the decor I’ve picked out and how it will all play together.

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Protect Your Grill With a Cheap & Easy DIY Grill Cover

The DIY Homegirl Easy DIY grill cover tutorial sewing drawstring protection quadrefoil aqua vinyl tablecloths

Spring is finally upon us and that means I get to usher in my second season of grilling. This year I bought a new grill, going from a tiny portable one to a 3-burner. #movingonup

Grilling is still fairly new to me, so I’m learning as I go. One of the things I’m making sure to do right is protecting my new toy. After seeing the prices for grill covers, I vowed to make my own. In doing so, I saved at least $10!

But the best part? Not having the standard, black cover that everyone else has. Continue reading to learn how you can make a personalized cover for your grill. I promise it’s easy! Continue reading for my tutorial.

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