What Color Should I Paint My Desk?

Painting my desk is something I’ve considered for a while now. After the furniture-painting spree of 2011, I was burnt out. It truly is a lot of work!

But, I have this beautiful wood tanker desk that I’ve finally decided needs a make-over. I have some vacation time coming up soon, so that will make the task much easier. In typical Libran fashion, I’m going back and forth on how to re-do it.

MCM vintage wood tanker desk in home office

I’ve recently made over my living room with a neutral color scheme of black, white, gray, and silver. I like color but will accessorize with pops of it… so far, that color is turquoise. The decor style is a combination of vintage, modern, & Moroccan. It’s a pretty hefty desk, so I want a color that will really complement the room.

Here’s the options:



*Silver (Rub N Buff)

*Light gray… such as:

*Turquoise/teal… probably this color, since I have leftover paint:

It has to a color I can work with everyday for 8 hours a day, since I work at home. What do you think?

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