Scrooge No More: Christmas Decor

For a while now, I've passed on decorating my home for Christmas. People would try to convince me otherwise and scolded me for being a "scrooge." It wasn't that I despised Christmas; it just felt like pulling out all these decorations would be a waste of time. It felt like a waste of time since the season is so short (although the shopping season starts earlier each year). This year I decided to get more into the holiday spirit. I read a lot of decorating and DIY blogs, so naturally I was coming across many articles on holiday crafts and ideas. I couldn't help but get excited over all of it! I'm slowly working my way back into it with a tabletop Christmas tree. Black silver teal Christmas tree -001 These trees are a great option because they don't take up much space and don't require many ornaments or lights. All in all, you save a lot of money with one of these miniature evergreens. Find out what I repurposed and used to decorate this tree after the jump.

I decorated the tree with white mini-lights, ribbon, beaded garland, and ornaments that coordinate with my new living room colors and newly painted desk. The ornaments were created with earring hooks, beads, and these decorative silver wire balls:

Black silver teal Christmas tree

I could’ve used the standard green ornament wire hooks, but I like the extra sparkle the silver earring hooks provide. The silver balls are actually made to use inside a vase/glass container for decoration, so I can re-use them in my decor even when Christmas is over.

For the base of the tree, I used a steel planter from Ikea to cover up the ubiquitous burlap sack the tree came with. I prefer the look of ribbon instead of a tree topper, so I tied on a simple bow with this black and silver glittery ribbon and shaped the tails down the sides.

Black and silver ribbon Christmas tree

I don’t plan on doing any more Christmas decorating for this year, but who knows. I may just break down and buy some more lights. I just love the soft glow of them on those cold, winter nights, don’t you?

Black silver teal Christmas tree

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