Do you want to learn how to turn your house into home with personalized decor? Do you love doing DIY projects to add creative and unique style to your space? Does your home needs a makeover, but aren’t sure where to begin?

The DIY Homegirl is here to help.

Check out my tips for decorating with color, inspiration, and other bloggers’ color-related projects in my monthly series, Get Your Color On! Browse my tutorials on creating customized DIY decor like my Rorschach (inkblot) wall art.

Learn how to repurpose common household items like I did with my DIY rope side table. Check out my furniture makeovers to see how you can reincarnate a thrift store find. And be sure to view my room makeovers, like how I went from Ohio to Oahu in my bathroom.

Throughout my life, a passion for decorating & creating has been obvious. As a young girl, I was much more interested in styling Barbie’s rooms than her wardrobe. When I outgrew dolls, I’d take hand-me-down furniture & figure out how to work it into my bedroom. And when I was a teen, I started rearranging my bedroom all on my own & creating my own decorations.

Today, these passions bloom on as I continue to immerse myself in decorating and DIY projects as an aspiring interior designer. I love to help others maximize their creativity and their home’s potential. Decorating isn’t just about what looks great. It’s about appealing to the other senses, creating a personalized space, & maintaining the energy you desire in that space.

Thank you for visiting & feel free to contact me with questions or just to leave a comment! Best wishes to you in all your creative endeavors!

The DIY Homegirl, Angela Conley


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