Throughout my life, a passion for decorating & creating has been strong. When you’re driving next to a pick-up truck transporting furniture and fight to drive straight while trying to peep what style chair they bought—it’s serious.

When your schedule is so busy you haven’t had your nightly routine of browsing design blogs, websites, and Pinterest and you start to get the shakes—it’s serious.

When you watch movies and find your attention drifting away from the story to analyze the character’s home, furniture, and decor (is it rustic modern or hipster Scandinavian?)—it’s serious.

Decorating isn’t just about what looks great. It’s about appealing to the other senses, creating a personalized space, & maintaining the energy you desire. I’m here to help you maximize your creativity and your home’s potential.

Thanks for visiting and best wishes to you in all your creative endeavors!

The DIY Homegirl, Angela Conley


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