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Mood Board: Coastal Bohemian Bedroom

Maybe the planets are out of alignment. Maybe it’s because of the seemingly endless winter we’ve experienced here. Something is off.

I’m considering decorating my bedroom in pink.

Because I realize how out of character this is for me, I’m treading carefully. Before slapping a rosy shade of paint on the walls, I decided to make a mood board first. Come check out more of this mood board and the rooms that inspired me after the jump.

Coastal Bohemian Bedroom Mood Board by The DIY Homegirl coral rose macrame earthy natural gold wicker rattan rope beachy

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Living in a White Box: Dollar Store Decor

Are you a student who doesn’t have much money for extras like decor? Or have you just started living on your own and would like to experiment with decorating? Or are you just a thrifty person?

One of the issues renters face is how to decorate on a budget. With all the options out there it’s easy to go overboard with spending, even at stores like IKEA or Target. This latest post in my Living in a White Box series will show you how you can decorate frugally yet beautifully with items that are only a $1 each.

Living in a White Box Dollar Store Decor thumbnail The DIY Homegirl

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Get Your Color On! Pink

Come on, spring! If you’re in the Great Lakes area like myself, you’re also probably chomping at the bit for some spring weather. While we can’t change mother nature’s timing, we can start welcoming spring inside our homes.

Get Your Color On! Pink thumbnail by The DIY Homegirl decorating tips tutorials DIY projects decor

Read along to learn ways you can infuse spring into your decor with a color I associate with this season: pink. Check out DIY tutorials, inspiration, and my picks for decorating with this color. From blush to cotton candy to neon, you’re sure to find a way to enhance your space with pink.

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Get Your Color On! Red

Here in the Great Lakes, September brings a sense of limbo with the weather and nature. There’s still a decent amount of daylight to enjoy, fruits and veggies are still in season, and sunny, warm “Indian Summer” days are common… all while nights turn cool, leaves start changing colors, and animals start preparing for the cold months ahead.

 decorating tips tutorials color decor autumn fall leaves change

Fall signifies our last chance to enjoy nature’s warmth before it starts fading into the neutrals of winter… so I chose the mighty color red for this month’s Get Your Color On!.

Get Your Color On! Red  decorating tips tutorials color decor furniture lighting accessories paint red garnet scarlet ruby Continue reading to learn my tips for decorating with varying levels of red, more of my decor picks in this classic color, and how other bloggers have incorporated red into their homes.

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How To Give Your Bedroom a Mini-Makeover

What do you do when you’re itching to change up your bedroom but are limited on time and/or money? Give the bedroom a mini-makeover.

room mini-makeover bedroom beachy Zen neutral bed dresser whitewashed bamboo matchstick blinds painted decor lanterns decorating tips

My bedroom previously experienced a major makeover, but I decided to give my new bedroom a mini-makeover after recently moving. Even the smallest updates make a difference and help refresh the energy in a space. Continue reading to learn my tips for giving your room a mini-makeover & to check out my new and improved bedroom…

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How I Created My Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space for myself has been in the books for some time now, but due to moving, it got pushed back. And I’ve also been slacking on my meditation practice. But not anymore, thanks to this lovely area I carved out in my new bedroom.

bedroom decor DIY sacred space spiritual meditation Zen beachy floor pillow rope side table candles plants Buddha lotus artwork white shelf vignette present mindfulness

Read along to learn how I created this and the symbolism of the elements I chose.

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DIY Rope Side Table

I’m back! The past couple weeks have been filled with moving, unpacking, and re-decorating. I’m still working on my new home, but just couldn’t stay away from blogging for too long. Plus, I’m excited to share my new decor and apartment with y’all!

One thing I always liked about moving is that it’s a new beginning. It’s a new place to decorate and start over. Granted, this move was a partial start-over since the floorplan is similar, but still a new environment nonetheless.

I’ve harnessed this energy of a fresh start and have been decorating most of my new home with a slightly different style and decor. Shortly before I made the decision to move, I started working on this earthy side table:

DIY sisal rope side table planters pots white natural earthy beachy shabby chic decor furniture tutorial

Learn what I repurposed to create this side table and how you can create your own after the jump.

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Vote For Me!

I finally received word that I’m a contestant in Apartment Therapy’s Bedroom Retreat contest—woooo!

DIY Beachy Zen Bedroom Makeover neutral pallette white cream brown black silver gray green faux bois foam headboard wood bamboo nature beach Zen Asian decor

Check out my entry on Apartment Therapy here or visit the URL below. If you dug my bedroom makeover, please select me as your favorite in this contest.

The link on AT only has a few pics, so come over to my previous blog post herefor more photos & details on how I made this room my sanctuary. Voting ends 4/1 at 12PM EST. Many thanks for your support!

My Beachy Zen Haven: a Bedroom Makeover

EDIT: my bedroom has been selected in Apartment Therapy’s Bedroom Retreat contest! Vote for me here by selecting me as a favorite.

Imagine a place you can relax in, unwinding from the day’s stresses and challenges. This place envelopes you in crisp, clean white yet possesses an earthy, natural energy that calms your senses and mind. In this place, you can only do a few things—dress, sleep and some light reading—but this is perfect. You don’t want this space to encompass a lot of activities, because it’s where you detach from the world. This is your sanctuary, your haven to rest and renew yourself for the new day ahead.

 DIY Beachy Zen Bedroom Makeover neutral pallette white cream brown black silver gray green faux bois foam headboard velcro foamboard nailhead trim paintable wallpaper Mod Podge wood bamboo nature beach Zen Asian decor PADDED HEADBOARD DIY

This space is what I created with my bedroom makeover. Come check out how I transformed a blah bedroom into a beachy Zen haven:

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