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My 10 Creative Resolutions for 2014

Last year, I started a new tradition of tending to creative resolutions. This year, I’m continuing this tradition and taking inventory of how I did last year.

Vector Frame Set ornamental vintage decoration

Let’s see how I did with these and find out my new list of resolutions for 2014 after the jump.

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How to Have a Minimalist Christmas

Can you believe Christmas is already done? It seems like it went by faster than past years. Perhaps that’s because of how much less stressful my holiday was this year.

In the past, I’ve tried different approaches to limit the craziness, but none of them worked as well as my approach this year. I’ve gone the route of homemade gifts, online orders, gift cards— all of which brought about some convenience.  However, I still felt something was amiss.

Ready for a change, I tried out a new philosophy: a minimalist Christmas. Read along to find out how I accomplished this and why it was so wonderful.

Minimalist Christmas thumbnail

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Liebster Award

I first have to admit, Laura from Makeshift Living originally nominated me for this award a few months back. I was just a big lazy-bones and never posted my questions and nominees. So now that another wonderful person nominated me, Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body, I knew I had to finally do this. Yeah, I did say I wouldn’t post anything new for a bit, but this was pretty easy.

liebster blog award

Follow along for my Liebster nominees:

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Moving Again?!

Perhaps I should’ve changed my site to “The DIY Nomad” instead.

donkey carrying load movingBecause of some big maintenance issues with the apartment I moved into this summer, I will again be moving into a new place. I’m able to end my lease early and get outta here.

This time, it will be a totally different location, totally different management, and totally different style of apartment. (Hey, I can’t just do it half-assed, right?!) Oh, and I can paint the walls in this new place—NICE!

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Is It Possible to be Too Creative?!

Do you ever find yourself at a creative roadblock? Lately, I’ve had a ton of ideas running through my head. I’m jotting them down, planning them, starting them, not finishing them, and then starting something new.

For instance, today I started rearranging some of my living room plus reorganizing my craft closets. And then I tried to figure out how I could redecorate my office. All the while knowing I had to post a blog soon, plus draft an upcoming post.

Alice in Wonderland Disney Mad Hatter teapot creative madness overthinking

I have a theory that because I think so much, I have a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s when I get old. Kinda like exercise for the brain. Although it could work the opposite. Hypertrophy of the mind. Perhaps our brains are only allotted a certain amount of thoughts/processes within a lifetime, and mine could thus expire prematurely. That one day, my mind will just say, “Enough, woman!”

Yeah, this is why I should meditate more often. I’ve got a severe case of “monkey-mind.”

I guess I should be thankful I have an abundance of creativity vs. not enough. But I’ve still gotta rope this in. Tomorrow is a new day and I shall come up with a solid gameplan on all these projects. Tonight, I will unwind by meditating and then browsing everyone else’s creativity, blogs, sites, etc. —and resisting the urge to be inspired. :)

Do you ever find yourself at a creative roadblock? How did you power through it?

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How I Created My Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space for myself has been in the books for some time now, but due to moving, it got pushed back. And I’ve also been slacking on my meditation practice. But not anymore, thanks to this lovely area I carved out in my new bedroom.

bedroom decor DIY sacred space spiritual meditation Zen beachy floor pillow rope side table candles plants Buddha lotus artwork white shelf vignette present mindfulness

Read along to learn how I created this and the symbolism of the elements I chose.

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Graduating To More Space: Moving

Happy young woman in graduation gown pointing down on copy spaceBig news: I’m graduating into a larger apartment! I’ve wanted more space for-like-ever, but just figured I’d suck it up, save money, and make the most of my one-bedroom home. But when an opportunity for a two-bedroom apartment opened up that was an easy move, I had to take it.

For this week or so, I’ll be somewhat MIA with my blog. Don’t fret though, I will be back shortly to post new material, respond to your comments, & of course check out your blogs as well.

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7 Tips for Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

how to create a sacred space in your home candle

You look forward to yoga class every week because of the serenity it gives your mind and body. You come home feeling like you’re walking on air and nothing else matters… but that feeling goes away the next day as you take on the world again.

Each Sunday, you and your significant other enjoy the affirmation and renewal you receive at church. You leave feeling stronger and better equipped to handle life’s challenges. But somehow, that energy leaves your mind and spirit during the rest of your week.

You have one of the toughest jobs in the world: being a parent. It’s a very rewarding position, but you look forward to every chance you get to have peace and quiet. Those are your moments to unwind and give yourself some much needed attention…if you could find a place amidst all the toys and games scattered about.

Taking time out for our spirit is as necessary as eating well and keeping a peaceful mind. We have areas of our home designated for specific purposes: cooking, eating, sleeping, beautifying, creating… but how many of us make sure to include a sacred space for regular practice?

Read on for my tips on creating a sacred space or reviving the space you already have in your home.

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