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Extreme Weight Loss Challenge, Week 2: Stressed But Still In It to Win It

Week 1 Extreme Weight Loss Challenge The DIY Homegirl fitness health nutrition DIYMan alive, this past week has been a crapload of challenges! Thankfully though, I feel like I’m over the hump and it will be smoother sailing from here. Or at least, it will be smoother sailing in my mind, even if things continue to be stressful.

It’s just been one week, but I feel like I’ve observed so much. That’s pretty amazing, especially considering I have 6 more months of this challenge and will undoubtedly learn much more.

So what kind of lessons and challenges did I face this week? Continue reading find out.

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Week 1 of the Extreme Weight Loss Challenge: Defeated!

Week 1 Extreme Weight Loss Challenge The DIY Homegirl fitness health nutrition DIY

I feel a disclaimer may be necessary. With the weight loss challenge I joined, this past week has kept me very busy. Because this is still a new process for me and I’m reprogramming my mind/behaviors, I haven’t done much in blogland. If this last week is an indication of how the next 5 months will be, I won’t be able to blog or connect as much.

I could be wrong, but I just want to put that out there in case. It may just be temporary because I’m starting a new phase in my life and that once I adapt, I’ll have more time.

Now that that’s out of the way, how did the first week go?

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My Biggest, Most Important DIY Project

Yesterday, I began the journey of what may be the most important, hugest DIY project of my life. It’s going to take some time but I hope to have it completed by May of next year. This project will be a huge makeover of both the interior and exterior. It may even mark my television debut.

What exactly do I have in store? Continue reading to find out. :)

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Random or Meaningful Occurrences?

I’m a thinker. A big-time thinker. All my life. I imagine, I play out scenarios in my head, I have lots of what if’s and tons of why’s. My theory is that because I think so much, I have a much lower chance of having Alzheimer’s when I get old. Or maybe it will be the opposite–that because I’ve used my brain so much, it will one day just give up.

So, it’s no surprise I’ve been pondering why a particular occurrence has been happening lately. I wonder if it’s not really random at all and if the universe/God trying to speak to me, trying to give me signs…

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Help Out a Starving Decorator: Vote for My Bedroom!

My bohemian/beachy bedroom was selected as a contestant for Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color contest! Each year, Apartment Therapy hosts a contest for readers to show off their rooms of color. They finally accepted my entry so now it’s time to vote!

Beachy Bohemian Bedroom voting Apartment Therapy Room for Color DIY canopy inspired headboard beaded natural garland bamboo salmon pink accent all Shrimp Toast paintThe DIY Homegirl

The contest has 4 categories based on the color scheme and my bedroom is in the “Light” category.  My bedroom was just posted yesterday, while other rooms were posted a few weeks ago so they may had a better chance of getting more votes.  I’m currently in next to last place. Yes, I will take a pity vote—I have no shame. :)

I think I could still have a decent shot at winning my category though, plus winning $1200 in gift cards from and Sherwin Williams would be so awesome. So if you like my bedroom and think I’m deserving, cast your vote for me! You can check out my entry here. The last day of voting is October 3.

You can also see more of my bedroom makeover here.

Thank you!

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Heading Back to College

Heading Back to College mountain climber interior design degree financial aid fear challenge loans The DIY Homegirl

In January, I made a resolution: to finally go back to school to become a certified interior designer. And in true Angie fashion, I’ve put it off until the last minute possible.* Going through the application process lately has me in a state of mixed emotions.

*9/18/14: This post has been edited to reflect a slight change in plans.

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The DIY Homegirl Expands: More DIY, More Homegirl


When you hear “DIY,” what do you think of? For me, it’s drill bits, primer, moodboards, and paint cards (the more the better). I’m guessing most of us also think along those lines when we hear “DIY.”

In reality, we DIY in many different ways; we just don’t realize it. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, healing, even exercising can be DIY activities. DIY isn’t just for our homes, it’s also for our bodies, minds, and souls.

Changes ahead road sign The DIY Homegirl blog

I’ve come to a turning point with The DIY Homegirl. I’ve felt the need to connect with more people plus I the pressure of creating material that’s fresh and unique—while only about decorating. That’s where the expansion comes in: my blog is going to be more DIY and more Homegirl. Read along to find out more!

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How to Be an Imperfect DIY’er

How to be an Imperfect DIYer by The DIY Homegirl slinky

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not perfect. (Shocking, right?) I’m definitely a perfectionist, though.

You may recall one of my past posts, When the Mystery Smell is Your DIY Project. The failed project that inspired that post taught me a lot… and yet, after another recent DIY fail, I found myself frustrated.

So, I resolved to turn around that negativity. During the process, I learned a few things about how imperfection can be a wonderful tool. Read along for my tips on how to embrace imperfection and how it can be beneficial.

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