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Get Your Color On! Pink

Come on, spring! If you’re in the Great Lakes area like myself, you’re also probably chomping at the bit for some spring weather. While we can’t change mother nature’s timing, we can start welcoming spring inside our homes.

Get Your Color On! Pink thumbnail by The DIY Homegirl decorating tips tutorials DIY projects decor

Read along to learn ways you can infuse spring into your decor with a color I associate with this season: pink. Check out DIY tutorials, inspiration, and my picks for decorating with this color. From blush to cotton candy to neon, you’re sure to find a way to enhance your space with pink.

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New Home Reveal: Home Office

In June of last year, I took a big chance on something I’d wanted for a long time: upgrading from a one-bedroom home to a two-bedroom home. I did this so that I could have a separate room for a home office and creative workspace, and it’s been sooo worth it.

I can’t lie, it’s also nice to have another room to decorate. :) Oddly, at my last apartment, I never got around to fully decorating my office. I had a few things up, but the room never felt cohesive or coordinated.

New Home Office Workspace Reveal thumbnail

When I moved in to this new apartment, I had to give the treatment my office (and myself) deserved. Continue reading to see how I’ve turned this extra room into a warm and colorful workspace.

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Living Room Makeover with Mod & Moroccan Decor

It took a few months to complete my living room make-over, but it is finally ready for sharing:


My living room was previously styled in turquoise (my favorite color) but I decided a change was needed. This makeover was primarily accomplished by updating existing accessories and furniture. Come take a look at how I turned my living room/home office into a peaceful yet enjoyable place with a neutral color scheme.

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My Vintage Tanker Desk Makeover

During my recent vacation, I planned to finally paint my wooden tanker desk. Problem was, I couldn’t figure out what color to paint it. I’ve been updating my living room from turquoise and red to a neutral color scheme of black and white.vintage MCM wood tanker desk paint furniture makeover teal turquoise home office

I like that it’s one of those colors that looks different in light.  In the daylight it appears bluer but at night in artificial light, it’s more like a true teal/green-blue. Continue reading to learn more about this spiffy makeover and how I came across such a wonderful find.

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What Color Should I Paint My Desk?

Painting my desk is something I’ve considered for a while now. After the furniture-painting spree of 2011, I was burnt out. It truly is a lot of work!

But, I have this beautiful wood tanker desk that I’ve finally decided needs a make-over. I have some vacation time coming up soon, so that will make the task much easier. In typical Libran fashion, I’m going back and forth on how to re-do it.

MCM vintage wood tanker desk in home office

I’ve recently made over my living room with a neutral color scheme of black, white, gray, and silver. I like color but will accessorize with pops of it… so far, that color is turquoise. The decor style is a combination of vintage, modern, & Moroccan. It’s a pretty hefty desk, so I want a color that will really complement the room.

Here’s the options:



*Silver (Rub N Buff)

*Light gray… such as:

*Turquoise/teal… probably this color, since I have leftover paint:

It has to a color I can work with everyday for 8 hours a day, since I work at home. What do you think?

6 Tips For Decorating a Home Office/Work Space

People who accomplish large tasks know it’s best to tackle them one step at a time. I’ve been learning to embrace this philosophy as I redecorate my living room.

My new decor scheme is neutral with bits of color. The main colors are black and white, with some gray, silver, and teal/turquoise. I’m really digging the simplicity of this scheme and it helps create the mood I wanted: spacious, clean, serene, and modern.

Here’s a before & after shot of my home office:

Before and After of Home Office fabric and foamcore bulletin board turquoise to black silver and white desk

And this is the before & after of my art workspace:

Before and After of Art Workspace with folding tables magnetic bulletin board turquoise to black white and silver

Because I work and paint from home, my redecorating plan also entails these workspaces. Along the way, I’ve tried different approaches to fit these spaces into my living room. Here are some tips I’ve found work best, especially in a small home.

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How To Create Your Own Paper Magnets and Magnetic Bulletin Board

I love most DIY projects, but I have a special fondness for those that are very simple and cheap. Another bonus with this project is you can recruit the kiddos and get them to use their brains for something creative!

The following steps are to craft your own magnets and recreate the magnetic bulletin boards from my newly decorated home office area.

Art workspace with folding tables and DIY paper magnets and magnetic bulletin boards from sheet metal

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Sneak Peek at New Living Room Colors

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately. Part of that is due to slacking and the other part is due to working on a project: once again, I’m redecorating my living room. (Newsflash of the year, LOL). And of course, I’ve rearranged the room as I always do when the season changes.

I finally decided to make over my living room with a neutral color scheme. A neutral scheme allows me to easily update the colors with small changes like accessories whenever I decided a change was needed. I still love the turquoise & teal but they now serve as accent colors. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the changes I’ve already implemented…

Even though the wooden room divider/screen was a bust, I used the leftover pieces to paint large wall decor. I also sewed new pillow covers and am working on more. (They’ve got to be the EASIEST way to change up your decor, I swear.) Here’s a tease of the new sitting area:

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Transformation Turquoise: Home Office

I am proud to say part of the redecoration of my living room is complete: my home office. I replaced a few decorations and added some new ones. I got rid of the previous bulletin board made from an old painting & cork, repotted a houseplant, made a dry-erase board, & added some office items to the desktop to organize. I also moved my folding table I use for arts & crafts into another area of the living room. Behold:

home office

BEFORE: Home Office

home office

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DIY: Repurposed Frame Into Dry Erase Board

I don’t know whom to credit for this idea, but this may be the simplest DIY project I’ve done so far! Instead of purchasing a dry erase board, you can make one with a frame, in which you write on the glass with a dry erase marker. If you like jotting down reminders or to-do lists, this is a great way to practice green living and save money. You will need:

  • A picture frame (with glass)
  • Background material: fabric or paper
  • Iron (if using fabric)
  • Dry erase marker
  • Foamboard or cardboard
  • Craft glue or fabric glue
  • Exacto knife
  • Dry erase marker


  • Measure & cut a piece of foamboard or cardboard to the size of your frame.
  • Measure & cut your background material (fabric, paper, etc.) to the board, adding an inch to each side.
  • (If using fabric, iron this before glueing.) Cover the board with your fabric/paper and glue on the backside, along the edges.Repurposed frame into dry erase board
  • Insert the covered board into frame.
  • Display your board!Frame repurposed into to do and Dry Erase Board


  • Choose background material that is light enough that the dry erase marker will stand out. For this reason, I chose a solid piece of fabric and not a print.
  • To make this a greener project, use paper or fabric scraps and a frame that’s in your craft/decorating stash.