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Day 14: No Diet Soda Challenge

I’ve been doing alright with this challenge, although I did fall off the wagon again this weekend. Only once though. I was tempted to drink more, and heard the rationalization in my head, “You’ve already relapsed and drank some pop yesterday, why not again today?” Or, “You could just drink diet Pepsi on the weekends.” Good thing I was able to see those thoughts for what they were and abstain.

Towards the end of this week, I started noticing some changes in my body. Continue reading

30 Days of Meditation: Day 30

meditation watercolor painting woman lotus Jess Tice Etsy

"Meditation," watercolor painting by Jess Tice. To purchase or see more of her art, click the image to go to Etsy.com.

Yesterday marked the end of my 30-day meditation mission. I’m glad to say I stuck it out and it’s been quite an eye-opening experience. Continue reading