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Plain Jane Wall Mirror Makeover

My island bathroom makeover is in its final lap of completion! I’m currently painting some artwork to coordinate with the tropical theme, so be on the lookout for a super before and after post soon.

In the meantime, I’d like to share the most extensive part of the makeover: revamping a ho-hum, cheapo wall mirror. You can buy these mirrors in any department store or could even score one in a thrift store for less money.

Plain Jane Wall Mirror Makeover with Bamboo Skewers hot glue tropical island decor bathroom revamp redecorate

Check out what cooking utensils I repurposed for this makeover after the jump!

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When the Mystery Smell Is Your DIY Project… FAIL!

DIY Wood Bath Mat bamboo alternative placemats Bed Bath Beyond odor mystery smell project fail cork

Has a smell or odor popped up in your home from seemingly nowhere? Recently, I noticed this funk coming from my bathroom… but I assure you it wasn’t anything bathroom-related.

One night I came home to this sour, metallic odor from the bathroom. Pretty weird combination, right? Because of how it smelled, I assumed something had gone wacky with the plumbing. Even though everything was still working properly, the smell wouldn’t go away.

I tried everything to mask the odor. No bueno. I sniffed around various spots in the bathroom—the sink, toilet, or shower. Still nothing. One day, something told me to smell the bathmat, and that’s where I found my mystery odor.

Continue reading to see learn more about my latest DIY fail— a wood bathmat.

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My Perfectly Pink Balcony Makeover

A few months ago, I decided to re-decorate my outdoor space with a new color scheme: pink. pink coral salmon red black white patio balcony outdoor space makeover container garden flamingo tropical Indian brick   patio chair folding table painted tray henna candles votives lantern sisal rope coasters mandevilla duck canvas fabric paint box cushion cover envelope pillow cover quatrefoil

This makeover had to be done with just the right shades of pink that would coordinate with the brick walls of my balcony. Pink can be a tricky color to decorate with in an adult space. Ironically, my muse for this makeover was my favorite animal as a child: the flamingo.

Read along to find out how I achieved the perfect shade of pink for my brick balcony, check out my new container garden, and how I coordinated everything with a tropical and India-inspired style.

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Bedroom Makeover Update: Revamped Shelves & Vignette

Come check out my first project with paintable wallpaper (and another piece of my bedroom makeover):

bedroom makeover paintable wallpaper Mod Podge decoupage floating shelves IKEA EKBY LAIVA vignette glass artificial plant succulent sand rocks wood bamboo dragonfly bird bowls jewelry storage white beachy Asian Zen decor

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DIY Tutorial: Revamp Your Decor with Whitewashing

Whitewashing is an easy and cost-effective method of decorating. By adding an air of patina and texture, this paint technique enhances a variety of decor styles like as cottage, beach, country, or shabby chic.

Recently, I included whitewashing in my bedroom makeover by revamping some bamboo matchstick blinds. Because I’m re-decorating this room into a beachy, Zen space, this technique was perfect for adding texture and warmth to my neutral color scheme.whitewashed bamboo blinds tutorial diy wall art decor natural

Read along to find out how I achieved this look and how you can also transform an item with whitewashing.

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Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Now that I’ve made over my living room, I’ve been slowly making over my bedroom. I’ve made it over in the past but got bored with it and took it all back to neutral. But even in that process, this room got neglected. Here’s some earlier before shots & a present shot of the bedroom:

Previous Bedroom decor in wood, white, olive, and chartreuse

Previous bedroom in black, white, turquoise, red, and gray

Bedroom in White, Black, Gray, Silver

In addition to the flexibility of the neutral scheme, I’m creating a specific mood for my bedroom: peace, ease, and relaxation. But I also want to make sure it has some personality. A minimalist scheme would be easy to create but would just feel boring and sterile to me.

To help create this mood, the decor style will be a combo: beach/coastal & Zen/Asian & probably some bits of mod/MCM. I will create this by using wood for warmth and earthiness, geometric patterns used in Asian decor, different tones of white and cream for simple variety, straw/rattan baskets, plants, texture, and silver for accents. Most furniture in the room will be black.

Follow after the jump to see photos of rooms and pieces that inspire this makeover:

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DIY: Painted Bamboo Matchstick Blinds

One of my projects for Transformation Turquoise was to create a large piece of art for the living room. I’d considered painting bamboo blinds a while ago when I decided to take down the generic vertical blinds that came with this place. I bought matchstick bamboo blinds at Big Lots for fairly cheap—$5 for 36″ wide?— and hung three of them over my large living room window. (I decided not to paint a design on those.) I’ve also used a set of these blinds in a wall cut-out between the kitchen and living room.

They are matchstick blinds, so they provide sheer coverage since there is more space between the “slats” vs. typical blinds.  Because of this and because the matchsticks are rounded, this wasn’t the easiest painting project. For the image to appear more dimensional, I also had to paint my design in between the matchsticks. I was a bit impatient and didn’t want to give in to perfectionism, so I didn’t get too technical with this part of the painting.

Bamboo Matchstick Blinds repurposed into painted design wall hanging decoration

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Transformation Turquoise

The transformation of redecorating my living room in turquoise is progressing, slowly but surely. I’m also incorporating some aqua, robin’s egg blue and teal in the plans, plus some red accents.

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DIY Foamboard and Fabric Headboard

Wanna see my bedroom? Come on in…

I’d grown bored with the former pseudo-headboard I’d had plus I was changing up the color scheme in my bedroom. Before, I’d nailed a bamboo table runner to the wall. It served as a nice visual alternative to a headboard, but just wasn’t my cup of tea anymore.

I spent a lot of time reviewing DIY info for making my own headboard but wanted something much simpler (and cheaper). A lot of tutorials I read involved using wood for the board and covering that with foam and upholstery fabric.  I figured since my focus wasn’t on padding or a formal headboard, I could create a basic one with foamboard and less expensive fabric. DIY Foamboard, Batting, Fabric, and Bamboo Headboard Continue reading

Deprogramming the mind


I ventured into a new medium today with my painting, and I’m not sure I like it: watercolor canvas. I’ve wondered for a while now what it’d be like to use this and finally decided to try it out. I’ve read some things of it beforehand but figured the challenge and newness would be good. Continue reading