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5 Reasons You Need a Portière

Entrance portiere doorway curtains winter drafts The DIY Homegirl

Do you ever learn a word and think, “So that’s what it’s called? I’ve been doing it all this time and had no idea!”  For me recently, that word was portière.

While a portière sounds like a fancy piece of bathroom equipment (a portable bidet?), it is simply a curtain that hangs over a doorway. Continue reading to learn 5 reasons you need to use portières in your home.

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Living in a White Box: Mini-Blind Madness

Welcome to my blog series, Living in a White Box! This series is all about how to make the most out of your rental home, AKA the “white box.” Many of us who rent cannot make changes like home-owners can, which makes it challenging to put a personal stamp on our space.

Today’s post is all about Mini-Blind Madness. This disease affects those of us who rent homes that come with mini-blinds, those of us who select blinds to save money, and those of us who use settle with mini-blinds because we lack inspiration. Symptoms of Mini-Blind Madness include frustration, boredom, and compulsive usage of mini-blinds for every window of the home.

Living in a White Box Mini Blind Madness decorating tips windows curtains blinds rods apartments rentals

Thankfully, there is a cure. Read along for inspiring methods you can use to treat Mini-Blind Madness plus tutorials on how to rid your home of this disease.

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Sneak Peek at New Living Room Colors

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately. Part of that is due to slacking and the other part is due to working on a project: once again, I’m redecorating my living room. (Newsflash of the year, LOL). And of course, I’ve rearranged the room as I always do when the season changes.

I finally decided to make over my living room with a neutral color scheme. A neutral scheme allows me to easily update the colors with small changes like accessories whenever I decided a change was needed. I still love the turquoise & teal but they now serve as accent colors. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the changes I’ve already implemented…

Even though the wooden room divider/screen was a bust, I used the leftover pieces to paint large wall decor. I also sewed new pillow covers and am working on more. (They’ve got to be the EASIEST way to change up your decor, I swear.) Here’s a tease of the new sitting area:

Neutral Living Room Scheme Sofa Pillow Covers and Hand Painted Stenciled Wooden Panel Wall Decor Continue reading

DIY: Bookshelves Repurposed Into TV Console & Storage

I own a pair of bookshelves that have seen a lot of action in my home. They’ve gone solo as bookshelf-slash-side “tables.” They’ve been upright as (duh) bookshelves. They’ve been with a coffee table to create an entertainment center. They’ve been on top of one another in my closets for storage/organization. Their latest rendezvous is with them on their sides, next to each other to form a long console for my TV.

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DIY: Bookshelf Curtains

Slowly but surely, I will be caught up in posting all the little changes I’ve made around here. This one is quite simple, and you can find several tutorials out there but they really aren’t necessary if you have basic sewing skills. And believe me, my sewing skills are über-basic.

A while ago, I went a little bookshelf crazy and ended up with more than I needed, so I started using the extras for storage in my closet and placed one outside on my balcony. At the time, I didn’t mind if it became damaged from the elements so I didn’t seal it or anything else for protection. I used this bookshelf to display plants and also store my gardening tools, pots and soil. This wasn’t the most attractive display so I used some leftover teal fabric and stitched up some quick little curtains. I purchased a small tension rod from Big Lots and was good to go.

DIY sew bookshelf curtains for balcony garden

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Transformation Turquoise

The transformation of redecorating my living room in turquoise is progressing, slowly but surely. I’m also incorporating some aqua, robin’s egg blue and teal in the plans, plus some red accents.

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Breaking Up With Purple

For many years now, I’ve had a purple living room. Even though this was achieved with white walls due to a no-painting-in-apartments rule, I was able to incorporate this color with accessories: curtains, batik wall hangings, planters, paintings, placemats, pillows, etc. I loved my unique color scheme and that few people shared it, even though it was challenging to find items in this color.

living room accessorized with purple, magenta, chartreuse, green, and turquoise

Current and soon to be former living room colors.

Just recently I decided though, that it was time to move on. We’ve had a great romance, but there’s another color I’ve always loved who’s come back into my life: turquoise. Turquoise has slowly crept into my heart recently and I even tried having a relationship with both colors, the result being my current color scheme in the living room. It’s just time for a change, though. Nothing personal, purple. You will always have a special place in my heart.

I weighed this decision over the past week and finally decided to go with my heart. I will be pairing various shades of turquoise with red and black. It will flow nicely with a retro/modern design. This weekend I purchased some new fabric to make curtains and some beads for tiebacks. I already have some turquoise accents, since I’d previously coordinated it with purple. Here are some images and items I’m using and also referencing for inspiration:

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Bedroom Fix: New Curtains

I finally used the fabric I picked up recently for tweaking the colors in my bedroom. I was going to go with the leaf print for curtains, but decided to use the chartreuse gauze instead. I hemmed these panels and paired them with some semi-opaque cream-colored curtains.

DIY sew chartreuse and white gauze bedroom curtain panels

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DIY: Beaded Tiebacks

If you have extra beads in your craft stash like I do and a few standard supplies/jewelry findings, you can create beaded tiebacks. These are a cheap and simple way to dress up your window treatments and a way to repurpose those jump rings and cup hooks. I created these for my bedroom, where  green is the theme and natural is the vibe:

Beaded curtain tiebacks with repurposed jump rings and cup hooks turquoise olive cream gold wood


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