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Day ???: No Diet Soda Challenge

Over one month ago was my last post about eliminating diet soda from my life. Full disclosure: I have continued to drink it on occasion, just not nearly as much as I used to. And definitely with the intention I used to, which was of dependence.

In light of that, I’d say I was less successful than I could have been, but am very glad I persisted with breaking the dependence. I’m still drinking my green tea in lieu of the soda and feel great for this replacement.

When I have partaken in the faux sugared soda, I have noticed a sense of familiarity. When I first drank it, it felt like a treat and something rare. Perhaps due to more times of drinking it, that sense went away. Thankfully, I’ve got the awareness to know I could fall back into drinking it regularly again.

As noted before, removing the soda from my diet has coincided with less fast food. I’m still making more meals at home and improved my nutrition as a result. I’m considering doing another challenge in which I truly abstain from diet soda… to further emphasize its importance on my health. At least for now, I’ve moved beyond the dependence. :)

Day 23: No Diet Soda Challenge

Another benefit to cutting out soda: less cans and/or plastic bottles. Which also means less trips to the recycling bins. :)

I have to fess, I did have some diet Coke today. But it was a weird feeling. There was no craving. It was just a “what the hell” kind of decision. And when I drank it, I didn’t feel this rush or wild sensation for having drank it again. That, I believe, is a sign of progress.

When I say I’d like to not drink it anymore for life… I have to be honest and say I’m giving myself some allowances. In spite of knowing how unhealthy it is, my primary goal is to not have the dependence. It is similar to the mentality I now have with alcohol (although it was never an addiction): I can live without it and my body’s better for not having any, but there are times I still like to drink. To sum up: moderation.

I’m still mindful that even though I didn’t feel like I fell of the wagon, I won’t use that to rationalize drinking diet pop more. I’m not going to let it be a once a week occasion, because even then I feel that’s excessive. I’m just not going to beat myself up for it if it happens nor feel like I’m fallen back into an addictive pattern.

Day 18: No Diet Soda Challenge

To help drive home the benefits of no longer drinking diet soda, I’ve been reading articles about how how harmful diet soda is to our health. This article on Psychology Today’s website was from a woman who quit drinking diet soda after years of it being part of her lifestyle. She describes how addictive it was for her and how much she consumed during various parts of her life. This led me to reflect on how “important” soda has been in my life as well.

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Day 14: No Diet Soda Challenge

I’ve been doing alright with this challenge, although I did fall off the wagon again this weekend. Only once though. I was tempted to drink more, and heard the rationalization in my head, “You’ve already relapsed and drank some pop yesterday, why not again today?” Or, “You could just drink diet Pepsi on the weekends.” Good thing I was able to see those thoughts for what they were and abstain.

Towards the end of this week, I started noticing some changes in my body. Continue reading

Days 6-8: Diet Soda Challenge

Days 6 and 7 were a bust. Saturday, I went for it and drank a 20-oz. of my drug of choice, diet Pepsi. Yesterday, I was at a family gathering, saw the 2 liter and gave in before drinking it.

Why? It’s not that I needed a caffeine boost. This makes me think there is more to the addiction than we realize. Maybe the ingredients in soda/diet soda are worse than portrayed. I had some shame on Day 6, but not enough to pour it down the sink. And yesterday? I had no shame whatsoever.

Surprisingly, I’m not even beating myself up about it today. Today, I have done well (none at all!) and not even had a craving. I realize the mistake I made and how giving in to the craving really didn’t amount to anything. Drinking that crap didn’t even really give me a rush or make me feel any different than usual… which leads me to see that it really isn’t necessary and is pointless.

So here’s to more progress! I fell and I’m back up. No worries.