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Living Room Makeover with Mod & Moroccan Decor

It took a few months to complete my living room make-over, but it is finally ready for sharing:


My living room was previously styled in turquoise (my favorite color) but I decided a change was needed. This makeover was primarily accomplished by updating existing accessories and furniture. Come take a look at how I turned my living room/home office into a peaceful yet enjoyable place with a neutral color scheme.

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Getting Back Into the Groove: Watercolor WIP x 2

“How did I ever stray from you?” I thought, as my brush glided across the paper.

I tackled a great deal of DIY and decorating projects in 2011, and in the process, feel I’ve neglected my true love, watercolor painting. I looked back on the previous post I made about these two paintings, and it was over 2 months ago. This may have been a subconscious decision on my part. Good thing I’ve been busy fulfilling my New Year’s resolution of painting a lot more.

I actually jumped back into these pieces a few days before the New Year, and found myself falling back in love with watercolor. I truly felt like I’d cheated on my mate… for something fulfilling and creative, but not nearly as nurturing or true to my soul. In fact, I think this has even manifested itself into my dreams lately.

I love that in selling my pieces, I can share my art with others and earn money, but I have a much grander idea in mind for my art. However, I want to complete the pieces I’ve started before I build up to this large goal. So, here’s what I have so far:

lotus meditation watercolor painting in turquoise and blue greens with hand in mudra

Stage 8

These pieces are sort of complementary, even though I hadn’t intended on them being part of a series, per se. Meditation has held a more significant role in my life lately, so I found myself yearning to express this. I also have a thing about hands/feet and love to create pieces featuring them. Originally, I intended on only using blue and blue-greens in the mobius piece, but decided to add some actual green in there for more contrast.

mobius and meditation watercolor painting in turquoise green and blue with hands in anjali mudra

Stage 4

WIP: Untitled (And a New Watercolor!)

This piece is taking some time to complete with all the other creative projects (Halloween!) and things I’ve been tackling lately. I’ve realized although I’ve heeded my creative spirit with my DIY and decoration projects, I’ve neglected my goals with my painting. So it’s back to the grind with that, along with a renewed mentality for my artwork.

I’d love to start on a totally new project, but I’m determine to see this piece through. Here’s an update of it so far:

watercolor painting of meditation energy mudra in aqua blue green teal and turquoise

Stages 1-6

I’ve also started another watercolor, as I’ve found myself attracted to the Möbius shape. Continue reading

Getting Back Into the Groove: WIP: Untitled

This weekend I started a new watercolor painting. The current piece is a redo of the last one I painted back in April. Others gave me positive feedback on that painting, but it didn’t end up as I’d intended. I knew I’d end up recreating it. This time, I changed the palette to include blue-greens (LOL, go figure) and will not be painting through the hand/leg so the blue energy stands out more.

Here are some shots throughout the process so far:

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Paying It Forward: Art

As an artist, it’s important for me to emphasize the significance of art in our world and to do my part to further it. A while ago, I decided that each time I sold some art, I would in turn buy something from another artist. I didn’t set a price limit on this goal, but of course would not spend the money if I could not afford it.

I’m pleased to say I was finally able to do this. This past week, I sold a print of “Elusive” to someone in Delaware:

I believe this is the first time my art has reached New England. It always tickles me to see what new place my art will reach. It’s a wonderful feeling to know your energy and passion is being shared around the world. The furthest place so far is Okinawa, Japan. By the way, Antoinne, I’m still waiting on you to purchase the rest of the Eve series :) .

In exchange for the purchase of my art, I bought a print on Etsy:

© Ryan Berkley Illustration

Isn’t this awesome? I love it when animals are portrayed as humans (remember the Richard Scarry books?), and this jackass sure is dapper. I’m actually buying it for my boyfriend. I jokingly call him an ass (he can be quite ornery at times), and I’m always looking for some donkey merchandise to give him as a token of my love, LOL. All he has at this time is a kids meal figurine of Donkey from Shrek. I think this handsome print will be a great addition. Check out more of the artist’s Etsy shop here.

Epiphany: Hoopties and the Law of Attraction

I’m going to grant you access into a world in which few are privy and not many (if any) could even understand. That world… is my mind. Here, I will let you in to some of my processes of thinking. Often times, I have an active imagination, entertaining myself with many “what if” scenarios and I also will let my mind run its course, making connections between memories or other musings.

Am I an overthinker? Most def. But as you will see, it can pave a path to enlightenment.

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Transformation Turquoise: Home Office

I am proud to say part of the redecoration of my living room is complete: my home office. I replaced a few decorations and added some new ones. I got rid of the previous bulletin board made from an old painting & cork, repotted a houseplant, made a dry-erase board, & added some office items to the desktop to organize. I also moved my folding table I use for arts & crafts into another area of the living room. Behold:

home office

BEFORE: Home Office

home office

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WIP: Untitled

Continuing with my current project, here some more shots of the piece in progress:

work in progress watercolor painting of meditating figure with mudra and energy in purple, green and yellow

I’m still struggling with how I feel of it. I think I’d prefer a different technique in mind with the swirls: wet-in-wet so that they wouldn’t be so bold. Possibly, I will do this piece over in that manner. Otherwise, I’m going with what I’ve started and am working at creating more contrast within the piece. 

Criticism and feedback are always welcome!

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Ever since I got into painting again several years ago, I knew it would be something I’d have to continue doing for the rest of my life. I need to paint like I need air or water. Truly, that is how you know something is a real passion of yours.

I did end up straying from painting for a little while… maybe 6 months? Not too long, but it has felt like it. Because I’ve taken up a lot of decorating and DIY projects, I knew keeping watercolor painting in my creative schedule would be overwhelming. Thankfully, I was still utilizing my creative energy… but I found myself craving to paint watercolors again.

A few weeks ago, I decided to just do it. The creative urge was very present and I came to a conclusion: I didn’t have to dive into a big painting project. I didn’t even have to honor my personal painting style. I simply had to paint. So, at about 11:30PM on a Saturday night, I set up my materials and tools. 

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Egypt: Power In Numbers

A little over a year ago, I was blessed to see Matisyahu perform in Detroit. While I watch the news today concerning the Egyptian president’s official resignation, I am taken back to that Matisyahu concert last year.

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

If you’re not familiar with Matisyahu, I strongly urge you to Google him and his music. He came onto the mainstream hip hop scene several years ago and is known for his spiritually moving lyrics , which are influenced by his Hasidic Jewish beliefs. Musically, his songs are influenced by reggae, rock and hip hop.

Matisyahu put on a relatively small show (at St. Andrew’s)  but I think this added to the ambience. At one point of the performance, this was especially prevalent to me. As he was singing “One Day,” he engaged the crowd in a chant of par of the lyrics: “stop with the violence; down with the hate.” I could feel the energy of everyone, the power of words and the power of people  in numbers… and I started crying. It was an amazing, inspiring moment that I hope I never forget.

The power that we can have on this world to affect change is often take for granted. Instead of pushing for change, we go along with the status quo. We prefer self-inflicted ignorance and complacence because it’s easier.

I personally do not believe my purpose in life is to simply exist. I was given a soul and a mind for a reason, and I strongly believe my life is a gift (as well as others) to do great things for humankind. We should be evolving, not devolving.

So how long will it take for us to be fed up with the hatred, the violence, the injustice, the system, the power-hungry, the giving in to the egos? How many of us sit on the sidelines, complaining but not creating change? What are we going o do, to make this world one of peace and love for ourselves and future generations? We should never underestimate our powers and God-given gifts, or even the singular power we possess. One person can start a chain-reaction.

My hopes are that the current events in Egypt will open our eyes to what we can do when we band together. Enough has to be enough NOW.