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February Promotion and Unveiling: Eve #3 and Eve #4

Please welcome my newest paintings, “Eve #3″ and “Eve #4,” to my website

These pieces complete my Eve series and are currently on sale during February. The Eve series was created after realizing the multiple layers of symbolism the first painting possessed. I like my artwork to evoke different responses and perceptions… but for me, these pieces represent the aspects of womanhood that are overlooked, oppressed or taken for granted.

“Eve #1″ represents a woman’s curves and her sensuality. (This piece is not available for sale.)

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Eve #2 and Eve #3

This is the second piece in a series I’ve created. For me, these pieces represent a story that I have trouble relating to… but just like most religious tales, we all have our own interpretation. So while these will be rich in symbolism and relevant to my perspective of the hinderance of womanhood, it can also represent a different significance.

I am working on Eve #3 and will be drawing Eve #4 shortly.   Below is a progress photo of Eve #3:

New Projects

After what feels like a looong time, I have begun two new pieces. I finished the drawings last night, and will start the copying/painting process soon. Both pieces reflect my love of nature and my connection to it. They are both based on photos I have taken. One is of a lily from outside my old residence; the other a fall foliage shot from the Toledo Botanical Gardens. I am excited to start on each painting. I think I will experiment with a looser style of painting than I am accustomed to for the fall piece.

I have also been brainstorming for ideas of another piece for a dear friend of mine, who was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer. She asked me to create something so I have been pondering exactly what to convey with this commission.

Similarly, I have been jotting down concepts for a line of paintings. They will be an extension of “Eve.” More to come on that later.