3 of 4 Works In Progress

08/25/2010 // 0 Comments

I have been been a mad painter and loving every minute of it. Here are some photos of 3 of the 4 pieces I am working on (the 4th will be coming soon in the [...]

Eve #2 and Eve #3

05/02/2010 // 0 Comments

This is the second piece in a series I’ve created. For me, these pieces represent a story that I have trouble relating to… but just like most religious tales, we [...]

WIP: Eve #2

02/08/2010 // 0 Comments

This is the first progress photo I’ve taken for this piece. I am working on a series of Eve paintings, highlighting certain aspects of womanhood and femininity that [...]

New Projects

11/09/2009 // 0 Comments

After what feels like a looong time, I have begun two new pieces. I finished the drawings last night, and will start the copying/painting process soon. Both pieces reflect [...]

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