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Living in a White Box: Kick-Ass Kitchens

If you’re like me, you love to look at beautiful kitchens—the ones with freshly painted cabinets, lovely hardware, tons of storage, and perfect organization. And then you look back at your tiny apartment kitchen, sigh, and hope to have the perfect one someday.

Living in a White Box Kick-Ass Kitchens by The DIY Homegirl storage repurposing organization customized apartment rental decor kitchen decorating tips

But just because you rent your home doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful kitchen! There are many ways you can customize your rental kitchen to be unique and suit your lifestyle. Continue reading for my tips and ideas that will help you turn a ho-hum rental kitchen into a kick-ass kitchen.

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Flashback Friday: DIY Felt & Fabric Gift Card Holders

For the next month or so, I’ll be highlighting some favorite past projects each Friday. Since I’m preparing to move again, I won’t have time to prepare new blog material. To post something new in the midst of all the purging & packing I’m doing would be sheer madness—and I already have enough of that to go around. :)

Today’s flashback is quite apropos for the holiday season. These gift card holders can be made for any occasion, but I like them best for Christmas because there’s so many cool holiday fabrics out there right now.

Learn how to make these gift card holders by clicking this link or the image below:

DIY Felt and Fabric Gift Card Holder Tutorial

Because gift cards can feel impersonal to the gift-giver, these holders are great because you can customize them to each person. The first year I made these, I made one for my sister with purple felt (her fave color) and zebra-print fabric. She loved it so much she reused her holder as a wallet. Plus, these DIY holders allow you a chance to infuse some hand-made love into your gifts.

These holders are really easy and would be a great project for children too! Feel free to comment if you have any questions or feedback.

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DIY Tutorial: Ikat Fabric

Do you ever see a current decor trend or accessory and think, “I wish I could just make that myself to save money”? Or, “I love this but I wish it came in a different color”?

Ikat has been on the scene for a while now, but it’s still going strong. If you love the textured patterns of ikat but can’t afford the real deal (or want to save money instead of buying the printed versions)—I’m here to help.

DIY Ikat Fabric Tutorial reverse faux pattern cobalt royal blue navy white envelope pillow covers sewing living room makeover fabric markers cloverleaf quatrefoil

Follow along for my tutorial on creating your own ikat-patterned fabric.

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Eclectic, Green Art and Decor in the Great Lakes

Another Earth Day post? Madness!

I’d like to feature this piece from Houzz on the home and artwork of a fellow classmate/fellow creator/fellow Toledoan, Danielle Herrera. I’m happy to share this article not just out of hometown pride, but because her decor encompasses a personalized, thrifty, and one-of-a-kind style. Check out a sneak peek of it:

paperDENIMart artwork collage newspaper paper fabric Danielle Herrera Toledo, OH framed art wall art interior decor butterflies tripod lamp gallery wall

How to be a DIY Fashionista: Sew Your Own Purses and Totes

Occasionally I like to immerse myself into creative fashion projects. My style is fairly classic, so I love to accessorize with unique items. Sewing your own purses allows you to show off your creativity and personalize your outfits with a one-of-a-kind accessory. Another benefit is you get to add some sewing skills under your belt. And perhaps the best part of all– they’re cheap to make!

How to be a DIY Fashionista Sew Your Own Purses & Totes DIY free pattern tutorial oho bohemian paisley print osnaburg pink beige

Read along to find out how I made these purses and the great bloggers whose tutorials I referenced. Continue reading

DIY: Felt & Fabric Gift Card Holders Tutorial

I made these felt & fabric gift card holders last year for Christmas & am creating them again this year. In fact, I’m going to create a surplus so it will save me some work next year. :) Gift cards can feel impersonal, so these holders add a homemade touch and make the gift more special.

DIY Felt and Fabric Gift Card Holder Tutorial

My sewing skills are pretty limited, so I love that this project is very basic. You use minimal fabric (=minimal measuring) & scraps are perfect for the lining.

If you have some budding crafters at home, this would be a great project for them. You can use this project to teach them how to use scraps, coordinate colors/prints and basic sewing techniques.

This year, I’m making mine with seasonal fabric & colors, but last year I used standard prints so the holders could be re-used after Christmas. My sister loved hers because it was crafted just for her (purple felt with black & white zebra print fabric) and she used it well after redeeming the gift card. These holders would be perfect for storing gum, business cards, money, keys, etc.

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Easy Envelope Back Pillow Cover Pattern & Tutorial

Sewing covers and shams for pillows has become a favorite past-time and since my sewing skills are uber-basic, this pattern is perfect. Pillow covers are a simple yet effective way to change your decor and colors in the room.

Easy envelope back pillow cover pattern and tutorial IKAT BANDANA BLUE NAVY COBALT

The great thing about this pattern is that it allows you to use only one piece of fabric. There’s also less sewing involved. And the best part? Stuffing the actual pillow into the sham is so much easier and no slip stitch is needed afterwards. Learn how after the jump.

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6 Tips For Decorating a Home Office/Work Space

People who accomplish large tasks know it’s best to tackle them one step at a time. I’ve been learning to embrace this philosophy as I redecorate my living room.

My new decor scheme is neutral with bits of color. The main colors are black and white, with some gray, silver, and teal/turquoise. I’m really digging the simplicity of this scheme and it helps create the mood I wanted: spacious, clean, serene, and modern.

Here’s a before & after shot of my home office:

Before and After of Home Office fabric and foamcore bulletin board turquoise to black silver and white desk

And this is the before & after of my art workspace:

Before and After of Art Workspace with folding tables magnetic bulletin board turquoise to black white and silver

Because I work and paint from home, my redecorating plan also entails these workspaces. Along the way, I’ve tried different approaches to fit these spaces into my living room. Here are some tips I’ve found work best, especially in a small home.

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Fabric stapled on canvas for wall decor

DIY: Customized Fabric Wall Decor

I love going to the fabric store, even when I don’t need any fabric. I love perusing all the different patterns and touching the fabrics. Last week, I had a motive to go: to create new wall decor.

I’ve contemplated how to decorate the space around my television for some time now. I googled articles and found a great way to have the TV blend into the room was to create a gallery wall behind it (Houzz.com has a great article with images here). I just wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of finding many things to frame. Sure, I have lots of paintings to choose from in my inventory, but most don’t match with the room’s color scheme. So I set out to find a great pattern/print I could instead use for wall decor.

Most of the fabric in turquoise and aquas was too bright for my liking & nothing grabbed me like it should. I’ve learned it’s best to spend money on things that really wow you, be it clothing or decor.

I spotted this fabric a while ago at Joann’s & love the classic, modern pattern. The print wowed me, but I wasn’t entirely sold with it being black and white. And then I had one of the creative epiphanies I love: customize the fabric with markers.

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DIY: Yoga Mat Carrier

DIY sewn drawstring yoga mat bag GREEN STRIPE CARRIER FABRIC

I was inspired to sew a yoga mat bag from this post over at Bored and Crafty. I actually sewed it a couple of weeks ago, but had to wait til after my honey’s birthday to blog it, in the 10% chance he’d actually come here and see it.  We both like to do yoga; I’ve done it off and on since I was a teenager.

Find out more about this homemade gift after the jump.

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