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WIP: Sakura, Stages 4-6

work in progress watercolor painting of sakura or cherry blossoms

I’m strongly considering using ink to provide some outline and definition to this piece. I’ve been wanting to try a combination of ink and watercolor for a while now, and could see the ink adding something more unique to this piece. I especially think some ink lines could be used for small branches, like for some of these blossoms that are “floating.”

Emulating artists and art forms is cool as an exercise, but not for my own personal creations. I like my paintings to have some uniqueness and be more of a self-expression. In light of this, I don’t want this painting to look like a Sumi-e painting or any other traditional Asian art.

My main motivation for this piece was to have some art in my bedroom. Originally, I planned on painting the flowers in red to coordinate with the colors in my room (chartreuse/light green and red), but it doesn’t seem like they’d still be cherry blossoms if I did that. I will still use some red paint as an accent in this piece, though.

For the background, I’m just layering shades of green at the moment. I think I need to have more variance though and keep it consistent with the direction of light, so the bottom will be painted darker than the top.

Reminiscing: My Balcony

I’m one of those people who roll their eyes at others complaining about winter. It’s not even March yet, so the snow and ice really isn’t uncharacteristic for NW Ohio weather. Shoot, we could have snow and ice even in April. Even though I love spring, I truly enjoy all seasons, so winter just isn’t that big a deal to me. Of course, I also work from home, so I have the lovely option of deciding when to clean off my car.

But even with my acceptance of winter, I very much look forward to spring. The upcoming change in seasons will be the second spring in my current home and the second spring with a balcony. I will be so happy for the days I can spend time out there: reading, eating, online, meditating, even napping. Join me as a I take a moment to reflect on last year: 

Valentine’s Day: Not Just For the Lovebirds

A lot of us get lost in the commercialism of Valentine’s Day or if we’re single, feel the day is pointless. I was one of those people in the past. “Man, f$*@ Valentine’s Day!”  “This love crap is for the birds!” Yeah, I was a little bitter at that point. Thankfully, I’m nowhere near that bitterness now.

In spite of the superficiality of this holiday, it can still serve as a reminder for us to make love an important focus in our lives. This Valentine’s Day (and the other 364 days of the year), cultivate some love for yourself. This is probably the one area of love we overlook more than others. We believe as mothers, we should love our kids and sacrifice so much for them. We believe as spouses or mates, we should love the other more than ourself.

We believe that love means putting another person’s needs and desires ahead of our own. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It sounds cliché, but to truly love others, you have to first be able to love yourself. Here are some ways to manifest love in yourself and ideas that just make life nicer, more enjoyable. You deserve it!

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My Balcony Garden

I’ve always wanted an apartment with a balcony. I was so stoked when I moved in to my current place last year, to not just a spacious, long balcony but one with a great view. Sometimes I sit out there and just take in all the sights and sounds: birds, bats, dragonflies, butterflies, squirrels, locusts, crickets, the random cat… I even placed a chaise lounge out there so I can nap. Continue reading

Photos of My Current WIP

I like to take photos of my paintings as I’m in the process of my work, to be able to look back once they’re all done, and also to evaluate them & plan my next steps. It’s really helpful to also chart your progress as an artist.  So, here are the pics of my current pieces, which are pretty self-explanatory if you missed the last post: