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My New Best Friend: the ZZ Plant

My New Best Friend ZZ Plant houseplant care and decor tips The DIY Homegirl

I don’t have a black thumb per se, but I’ve found there are certain houseplants that I get along with better than others: those that are very low maintenance. I’ve had the usual suspects of low maintenance plants, like pothos, philodendron, snake plants… but felt myself yearning something more exotic.

It was on a pilgrimage to IKEA that I finally came across the ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) plant. I happily scooped up one plant. I’d read about its wonderful qualities, but was still cautious.

Fate was on my side that day, because this plant has become my new best friend. Keep reading to find out why the ZZ plant is perfect for any home plus my tried & true tips on caring for it.

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Flashback Friday: Tips for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Since I’m taking a short break from blogging for a week or so, I thought it would be great to revisit an old post that you may have missed.

Click the image below to see my tips on how to maximize your balcony/patio/deck/any bit of outdoor space you can claim as your own.

How to maximize your outdoor space decorating tips by The DIY Homegirl patio balcony apartment

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Living in a White Box: How to Create a Container Garden

Here in northwest Ohio, we’re overjoyed that it is finally spring! After an odd winter, seeing green pop back into the world feels so wonderful. Spring also signifies the start of the gardening season.

If you live in apartment or other rented home, chances are, you aren’t able to plant a garden right into the ground. No worries though, because you can still spiff up your outdoor space by planting a container garden. Continue reading to learn my tips on how you can still enjoy gardening in your rented home.

Living in a White Box decorating 7 tips on how to create balcony patio container garden by The DIY Homegirl

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How To Maximize Your Balcony/Patio/Outdoor Space

This year, I set a personal goal to spend more time out on my balcony. Here are some ways you can also do so with your balcony, patio, deck, or other outdoor space.

How to maximize your outdoor space decorating tips by The DIY Homegirl patio balcony apartment

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How to Makeover Your Patio Furniture On the Cheap

One of my favorite past-times is to make over something, especially with paint. I’m a sucker for any activity involving a paint brush. This mission to redecorate involved my balcony, a lovely space I consider as another room in my home.

The issue: the colors of my patio furniture no longer coordinated with the colors in my living room. I like to coordinate the colors in each of my rooms to create a sense of flow. They aren’t all decorated in the same colors, but they do each share a common color. I chose to extend this decor flow out to my balcony.

Several years ago, I scored a couple of outdoor sling chairs from Walmart for my balcony. They’re made of mesh and are fairly comfy, and were a decent golden yellow, not too bright like a lot of patio furniture. At the time, these warm colors matched well with the purples I had in my living room.

balcony outdoor space yellow patio sling chairs before

Before, 2010…

Last year, I tried working with the yellow and incorporated it into my indoor color scheme of turquoise and red. I sewed these pillow shams and painted a lotus design to tie the colors together:

balcony outdoor space yellow patio sling chairs before turquoise red color scheme

Before, 2011…

I dug the gold/turquoise/red color scheme, but I just didn’t love it. So, I decided to coordinate ALL the colors on my balcony to those in my living room,which now includes mint green and makeover those yellow chairs:

Painted patio sling chair in mint green jade seafoam with batik teal pillow

…After, 2012

The new color is also great because I can mix and match decor between the living room and balcony. There’s no tutorial since it was a pretty easy process. Here’s how I did it with latex paint:

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7 Tips for Creating a Balcony Garden

Apartment patio balcony container garden shade east-facing space 7 Tips for Creating a Balcony Garden by The DIY Homegirl thumbnail

My parents have more gardening knowledge than I do (which I utilize!), but for the last few years, I’ve specialized in gardening in a tricky spot: the shaded balcony. These tips are helpful to follow even if you don’t have a shaded balcony & instead have another outdoor space such as a patio, deck or sunroom.

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How to Repurpose a Trash Can Into a Planter

Last year the idea came to me to repurpose plastic containers from the Dollar Store into planters. As I was recently shopping for planters, this idea came back to me as I was hesitant to spend money on even the cheapest large pots. (Sometimes I’m a tightwad.)

DIY repurposed trash can planter plastic container garden permanent marker abstract pattern tutorial

Continue reading to find out how to make this cheap but stylish planter for a handful of dollars.

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DIY: Bookshelf Curtains

Slowly but surely, I will be caught up in posting all the little changes I’ve made around here. This one is quite simple, and you can find several tutorials out there but they really aren’t necessary if you have basic sewing skills. And believe me, my sewing skills are über-basic.

A while ago, I went a little bookshelf crazy and ended up with more than I needed, so I started using the extras for storage in my closet and placed one outside on my balcony. At the time, I didn’t mind if it became damaged from the elements so I didn’t seal it or anything else for protection. I used this bookshelf to display plants and also store my gardening tools, pots and soil. This wasn’t the most attractive display so I used some leftover teal fabric and stitched up some quick little curtains. I purchased a small tension rod from Big Lots and was good to go.

DIY sew bookshelf curtains for balcony garden

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Balcony Garden: 2011

Finally, the seemingly eternal rain lifted & I could start my garden & decorate on my balcony. I’m still working on some decorating out there, but here’s a quick comparison of the balcony last year and today:
apartment balcony container garden

BEFORE: 2010

apartment balcony container garden

AFTER: 2011

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Reminiscing: My Balcony

I’m one of those people who roll their eyes at others complaining about winter. It’s not even March yet, so the snow and ice really isn’t uncharacteristic for NW Ohio weather. Shoot, we could have snow and ice even in April. Even though I love spring, I truly enjoy all seasons, so winter just isn’t that big a deal to me. Of course, I also work from home, so I have the lovely option of deciding when to clean off my car.

But even with my acceptance of winter, I very much look forward to spring. The upcoming change in seasons will be the second spring in my current home and the second spring with a balcony. I will be so happy for the days I can spend time out there: reading, eating, online, meditating, even napping. Join me as a I take a moment to reflect on last year: