Day ???: No Diet Soda Challenge

03/07/2012 // 0 Comments

Over one month ago was my last post about eliminating diet soda from my life. Full disclosure: I have continued to drink it on occasion, just not nearly as much as I used to. [...]

Day 18: No Diet Soda Challenge

01/26/2012 // 0 Comments

To help drive home the benefits of no longer drinking diet soda, I’ve been reading articles about how how harmful diet soda is to our health. This article on Psychology [...]

Day 9: No Diet Soda Challenge

01/18/2012 // 0 Comments

Sometimes I take advantage of my time on the treadmill to reflect and reinforce healthy habits in my mind. Today was a great day for this. I play a constant loop of ocean [...]

Days 6-8: Diet Soda Challenge

01/16/2012 // 0 Comments

Days 6 and 7 were a bust. Saturday, I went for it and drank a 20-oz. of my drug of choice, diet Pepsi. Yesterday, I was at a family gathering, saw the 2 liter and gave in [...]
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