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Pretty in Pink: Patio Inspiration Board

Pink Balcony Inspiration Board coral salmon flamingo patio outdoor decor brick quatrefoil terra cotta planter glass candle votive white powder coated metal Burlingame patio chair plastic side table Walmart Big Lots Target Ikea Target Home Depot

Do you ever get ideas that seem to come to you from nowhere? I don’t believe in coincidences, so when these ideas appear to me “out of the blue,” I embrace them. I consider them a form of creative intuition.

However, my latest epiphany left me scratching my head: re-decorate the balcony with PINK.

Now, I’m not an anti-pinkite. Pink just isn’t a color that strongly appeals to me. So when this idea came to me, I was skeptical. I decided to entertain the idea and see how I could make this work. Read along to see what decor items I’m using for inspiration and some of the accessories I will include in my balcony makeover.

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30 Days of Meditation: Day 21

Not too much to update on since the last blog, but I’ve had some enlightening moments and realizations. I do believe the regular meditation is allowing me to be more of a channel for such moments. I liken them to intuition, which I also consider to be a gift from a higher level of existence, or God. Continue reading

Artomatic 2011: The First Saturday

Phew! What a ride it’s been so far. I went through some last-minute stress in how to hang my paintings in my space, since what I thought was a typical wall was not. Thankfully, the solution was cheap: hard-wall hooks. (These are plastic hooks with 3 little prongs sticking out, that you hammer into the wall and that’s it.) Honestly, I didn’t think they would work; they seemed too good to be true. Even if they hadn’t worked, I was armed with a variety of methods. (Sidenote: I look forward to using my new discovery outside to decorate my balcony when it gets warmer.)

I also decided to change up the original layout of my paintings. I had originally planned on hanging my pieces inside this design I painted:

leaf or vertical third eye design painted on wall

This shape is to resemble a vertical eye or third-eye, in my current favorite color.

I ended up revising my first plan to include an interactive feature. The idea came to me out of seemingly nowhere and is what I believe to be a product of synchronicity, which is when something occurs that appears to be coincidental but is not. I love it when the universe unfolds itself to me like this!

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Today I was explaining to a fellow artist what it was like when I started painting again. Before I re-acquainted myself with a paintbrush several years ago, the last time I’d painted was approximately 1998. I only know this because of a Marilyn Monroe painting I’d signed and dated:

watercolor painting of Marilyn Monroe by Angela Conley

I may have painted off and on leading up to this point in 1998, but most of it had been in high school several years prior to this piece.  I can’t quite recall which watercolor painting marked my re-entry in 2006. It may have been an octopus design I recall attempting… whatever it was, I know I didn’t complete it. Unfortunately, that part of me from high school also hadn’t left: the impatience and lack of attention span to complete a piece. There are times I fight it to this day.

OK… back to the point of the story. When I started painting again in 2006, my life was at a huge turning point. Massive. Ginormous. EPIC. I’d left a very long-term relationship, partially motivated by this gut feeling I had. I didn’t know entirely why I had to move on, but I knew I had to listen to that intuition. Thankfully, I learned years later why it was necessary for my personal evolution.

I believe I was still the “me” I am today, but at that time in my life, I had chosen to be complacent in several areas of my life. I was unsure of my future and the changes I was to undergo, and dealt with it in non-productive, non-transformative ways. Painting was one of the things I did right at that initial turning point and it proved to be a great tool for my growth.

My painting allows me not just to express myself, but explore my thoughts, fears, passions, purpose, etc. It also allows me to fulfill my connection to all life forms and view them with more than just aesthetic appreciation. I create with intention, just as I now live my life. (WOW it felt great to say that!) When I look back on how much painting has given me, I see it was a form of salvation. It still is in some respects. There are times when painting is therapeutic and in all times it is meditative, giving me the chance to be present with the paint, the water, the paper, and all the thoughts swirling in my head.

I can’t imagine myself taking another break from painting. I now recognize and appreciate my art as a part of me, just as I do my curly hair, my loud laugh, my short stature, and my analytical mind.

Art as a business: marketing, the Law of Attraction and intuition

For anyone desiring to make money off their creative talents, building your art as a business and a brand is key. Over the last few months, I’ve been attending a series of free workshops the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo has been hosting on this concept. Continue reading