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Is It Possible to be Too Creative?!

Do you ever find yourself at a creative roadblock? Lately, I’ve had a ton of ideas running through my head. I’m jotting them down, planning them, starting them, not finishing them, and then starting something new.

For instance, today I started rearranging some of my living room plus reorganizing my craft closets. And then I tried to figure out how I could redecorate my office. All the while knowing I had to post a blog soon, plus draft an upcoming post.

Alice in Wonderland Disney Mad Hatter teapot creative madness overthinking

I have a theory that because I think so much, I have a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s when I get old. Kinda like exercise for the brain. Although it could work the opposite. Hypertrophy of the mind. Perhaps our brains are only allotted a certain amount of thoughts/processes within a lifetime, and mine could thus expire prematurely. That one day, my mind will just say, “Enough, woman!”

Yeah, this is why I should meditate more often. I’ve got a severe case of “monkey-mind.”

I guess I should be thankful I have an abundance of creativity vs. not enough. But I’ve still gotta rope this in. Tomorrow is a new day and I shall come up with a solid gameplan on all these projects. Tonight, I will unwind by meditating and then browsing everyone else’s creativity, blogs, sites, etc. —and resisting the urge to be inspired. :)

Do you ever find yourself at a creative roadblock? How did you power through it?

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How I Created My Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space for myself has been in the books for some time now, but due to moving, it got pushed back. And I’ve also been slacking on my meditation practice. But not anymore, thanks to this lovely area I carved out in my new bedroom.

bedroom decor DIY sacred space spiritual meditation Zen beachy floor pillow rope side table candles plants Buddha lotus artwork white shelf vignette present mindfulness

Read along to learn how I created this and the symbolism of the elements I chose.

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7 Tips for Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

how to create a sacred space in your home candle

You look forward to yoga class every week because of the serenity it gives your mind and body. You come home feeling like you’re walking on air and nothing else matters… but that feeling goes away the next day as you take on the world again.

Each Sunday, you and your significant other enjoy the affirmation and renewal you receive at church. You leave feeling stronger and better equipped to handle life’s challenges. But somehow, that energy leaves your mind and spirit during the rest of your week.

You have one of the toughest jobs in the world: being a parent. It’s a very rewarding position, but you look forward to every chance you get to have peace and quiet. Those are your moments to unwind and give yourself some much needed attention…if you could find a place amidst all the toys and games scattered about.

Taking time out for our spirit is as necessary as eating well and keeping a peaceful mind. We have areas of our home designated for specific purposes: cooking, eating, sleeping, beautifying, creating… but how many of us make sure to include a sacred space for regular practice?

Read on for my tips on creating a sacred space or reviving the space you already have in your home.

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Getting Back Into the Groove: Watercolor WIP x 2

“How did I ever stray from you?” I thought, as my brush glided across the paper.

I tackled a great deal of DIY and decorating projects in 2011, and in the process, feel I’ve neglected my true love, watercolor painting. I looked back on the previous post I made about these two paintings, and it was over 2 months ago. This may have been a subconscious decision on my part. Good thing I’ve been busy fulfilling my New Year’s resolution of painting a lot more.

I actually jumped back into these pieces a few days before the New Year, and found myself falling back in love with watercolor. I truly felt like I’d cheated on my mate… for something fulfilling and creative, but not nearly as nurturing or true to my soul. In fact, I think this has even manifested itself into my dreams lately.

I love that in selling my pieces, I can share my art with others and earn money, but I have a much grander idea in mind for my art. However, I want to complete the pieces I’ve started before I build up to this large goal. So, here’s what I have so far:

lotus meditation watercolor painting in turquoise and blue greens with hand in mudra

Stage 8

These pieces are sort of complementary, even though I hadn’t intended on them being part of a series, per se. Meditation has held a more significant role in my life lately, so I found myself yearning to express this. I also have a thing about hands/feet and love to create pieces featuring them. Originally, I intended on only using blue and blue-greens in the mobius piece, but decided to add some actual green in there for more contrast.

mobius and meditation watercolor painting in turquoise green and blue with hands in anjali mudra

Stage 4

30 Days of Meditation: Day 30

meditation watercolor painting woman lotus Jess Tice Etsy

"Meditation," watercolor painting by Jess Tice. To purchase or see more of her art, click the image to go to Etsy.com.

Yesterday marked the end of my 30-day meditation mission. I’m glad to say I stuck it out and it’s been quite an eye-opening experience. Continue reading

30 Days of Meditation: Day 27

Last night, I had my 9-year old niece over to stay the night. She’s quite energetic and easily stimulated, so before her bedtime we meditated together. I’ve done it once with her to help her get centered, although it was months ago. This time, I wanted her to unwind enough to fall asleep easily.

First, we did a few minutes of slow, deep breathing. Then, I guided her through some relaxation in which she focused on the various parts of her body relaxing. This started with the feet and ended with the head, followed by some more deep breathing. After she opened her eyes slowly upon my instruction, she got up, I tucked her into bed… and she was out like that!

I need to do more meditation with her in the future. She’s so absorbent to things, so I think if she knew to meditate (even just the breathing form) on her own, it could do her a great deal of good.

30 Days of Meditation: Day 21

Not too much to update on since the last blog, but I’ve had some enlightening moments and realizations. I do believe the regular meditation is allowing me to be more of a channel for such moments. I liken them to intuition, which I also consider to be a gift from a higher level of existence, or God. Continue reading