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30 Days of Meditation: Day 21

Not too much to update on since the last blog, but I’ve had some enlightening moments and realizations. I do believe the regular meditation is allowing me to be more of a channel for such moments. I liken them to intuition, which I also consider to be a gift from a higher level of existence, or God. Continue reading

30 Days of Meditation

Higher Ground watercolor painting of meditation mountains stars chakra by Angela Conley

"Higher Ground," watercolor by Angela Conley, 2009.

Meditation has proven to be very useful tool for me, although I wasn’t always aware of its power. When I was a teenager, I started practicing it as part of a yoga book I’d been given. The book, “Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan,” was my first experience with yoga and actually a book my mother had used herself when she was a teen. In the program outlined by the book, there was a form of meditation that involved staring at a lit candle. Back then, I didn’t embrace formal meditation as much as I did yoga, but the practice seemed to accompany the yoga nicely.

Roughly two years ago, I truly learned what a great resource meditation could be for myself. While at work, I’d experienced a panic attack, unbeknownst to me at the time. I’ve always been fairly healthy and hadn’t been stressed at the time of the symptoms and panic attack, so I couldn’t understand it.

I did some reading on anxiety and panic attacks and learned they can occur without a real stressor. This was somewhat comforting, but I still didn’t like how I felt physically. I also internalized the anxiety and felt crazy. After weighing things, I decided to start taking daily medication.

Because I didn’t want to solely rely on pharmaceuticals, I also looked into what I could do without medication for assistance. One thing I found is that exercise helps immensely and is a great form of relief when I’m feeling stressed. In my search, I also came across a website that described facing anxiety with a mindfulness approach, which led me to the subject of mindfulness meditation. Continue reading