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Bedroom Makeover Update: Revamped Shelves & Vignette

Come check out my first project with paintable wallpaper (and another piece of my bedroom makeover):

bedroom makeover paintable wallpaper Mod Podge decoupage floating shelves IKEA EKBY LAIVA vignette glass artificial plant succulent sand rocks wood bamboo dragonfly bird bowls jewelry storage white beachy Asian Zen decor

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A New Creative Venture: Paintable Wallpaper

Yesterday I went shopping for inspiration & project ideas. I started at Home Depot, perusing the aisles to see if anything interested me. Eventually, I ended up where the contact paper was and came across something I’d wanted to try out before: paintable wallpaper.

When I first discovered it months ago, I thought it was ingenious–and a perfect way for me to finally have painted walls in my apartment! But now that I’m using a neutral color scheme that maximizes the white walls, I no longer need it for that purpose. I still bought a roll of this stuff though, because it can be used to make over other items. And I do plan on using some form of paint on it, just to test it out.

Paintable Wallpaper in Stria by Paintable Solutions Brewster

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Make Over Your Decor With This Cheap Mosaic Method

Love the mosaic look but hate to spend the money for glass tiles and grout? Check out a cheaper and simpler alternative I created with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. Adding a mosaic is a clever way to customize an existing piece of furniture or accessory.

DIY Parsons coffee table makeover with gloss Mod Podge, silver leaf Rub n Buff, and white scrapbook paper in neutral living room with figure 8 or infinity symbol

Previously, I created a piece of mosaic wall decor but have since retired this piece since it no longer matches my living room. Using this mosaic method, I gave my plain, Parsons coffee table an update along with some Rub n Buff to add a metallic vibe. Sure, buying a new coffee table would’ve been easier, but it would’ve been boring. Learn how to do it after the jump. Continue reading

How To Create Your Own Paper Magnets and Magnetic Bulletin Board

I love most DIY projects, but I have a special fondness for those that are very simple and cheap. Another bonus with this project is you can recruit the kiddos and get them to use their brains for something creative!

The following steps are to craft your own magnets and recreate the magnetic bulletin boards from my newly decorated home office area.

Art workspace with folding tables and DIY paper magnets and magnetic bulletin boards from sheet metal

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DIY: Mosaic Wall Decor

It’s a simple, straightforward project: cut paper squares, arrange, glue, and seal. I however, found a way to make it more complicated. :) Note: while this is an easy project, it is a bit time-consuming so you better have a fresh jar of patience. I came across this mosaic project over at Remodelaholic and felt like it was fated to coordinate with my retro kitchen countertops: seafoam, gray and green retro square patterned Formica kitchen counter Continue reading

DIY: Revamped End Table With Mod Podge and Paint

Several months ago, I’d purchased some mid-century bi-level end tables from a thrift store. I was on a search for some furnishings that would complement my new decor and I’ve been very drawn to the retro/min-century look lately. I scored 2 of these tables for about $10 total.

I used to have one of these tables years ago, as my grandma had given me some old furniture when I first moved away from home. I eventually got rid of the table once I could afford something else, because I didn’t like it so much. Funny how styles come back around.

Revamped Mid Century Modern End Table With Mod Podge and Paint BEFORE

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