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Dark and Dramatic Bathroom Moodboard

Valspar New Spruce Dark & Dramatic Masculine Bathroom Moodboard by The DIY Homegirl teal blue-green gray black slim vanity stone brushed nickel Asian modern natural decor

I’ve been crushing on dark rooms lately. Alas, painting one of my rooms a luscious, dark hue would be impractical. Since I live in a rental, it would take an enormous amount of time & energy to do it and then paint it back to the original barfy beige.

So I kept my fantasies of a dark, seductive room in my head, where 978,345 other thoughts reside. Until my old man started talking about making over his bathroom. I gently pitched the idea of a dark room to him and let it simmer (which may be the best way EVER to do something you want). A few weeks later, he mentioned painting the room a deep hue and I did a happy dance in my head. My glee probably showed on my face as well; I do wear my heart on my sleeve.

And so it was. I started perusing the interwebs immediately for inspiration and items to use. I even let him help a little, allowing him to pick the vanity. Continue reading to see the decor I’ve picked out and how it will all play together.

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Decorating with Ironing Boards

A few weeks ago, I was weighing options of shelves for my living room makeover, browsing stores to see what I could find. I really wanted something unique and decorative… not plain and generic like the ready-to-assemble bookshelves you can get at a big box store.

And that is when the decor gods smiled upon me and blessed me with a vintage wood ironing board. I scored this at a consignment store, which has become my preferred option for quality, secondhand goods.

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DIY Geometric Tray

Confession: I used to think trays were an unnecessary part of decor. Unless they were truly used to carry items, I saw them as impractical. But when I created a tray for my last bedroom makeover, I became a convert. I discovered trays are much more practical than I’d once thought and I now have four in my home.

DIY geometric tray square triangles modern decor accessory navy gray silver aqua cobalt royal blue drawer pull milk glass candle Ganesh ikat pillows

Trays are a wonderful decor item as they help corral loose items and can be used to showcase other decor, like part of a vignette. My main purpose in creating one was to add color and pattern that complements my living room makeover.

Read along to check out how I created my tray and how you can do the same!

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DIY Decor Tutorial: Rorschach (Inkblot) Wall Art

Recently, I was reminded of a past art/decor project. Many years ago— before Pinterest, before entering the blogging world, before knowing I wanted to be an interior designer— I created a few Rorschach “tests.”

Rorschach tests were used back in the day by psychologists to help determine an underlying disorder with patients. They’ve always fascinated me, because like other forms of art, there’s no wrong perception from the viewer. Each person has a unique response to them.

When I first made these, it was just for fun, to see what would appear in the blots. I really liked the results, so I framed them and used them as decor. While pondering what art I could create for my living room, I recalled my previous DIY inkblots and decided to make them again.

DIY Inkblot Rorshach wall art paint decor tutorial creaselessCreating inkblots is very easy, but one thing I don’t like is that the fold in the paper is visible. Thus, I created this tutorial to show how it can be done without the fold, leaving you with a crease-free piece of art. Continue reading for my tutorial and tips on creating your own Rorschach art.

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Living Room Makeover with Mod & Moroccan Decor

It took a few months to complete my living room make-over, but it is finally ready for sharing:


My living room was previously styled in turquoise (my favorite color) but I decided a change was needed. This makeover was primarily accomplished by updating existing accessories and furniture. Come take a look at how I turned my living room/home office into a peaceful yet enjoyable place with a neutral color scheme.

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Before & After: Entertainment Center/Bookshelf Makeover

Welcome to the final leg of my living room makeover: the “entertainment center.”  It’s not an entertainment center unit per se, but it’s where I have all my books, my TV and electronic toys. Click on the photo to zoom in.

Entertainment Center makeover with white Expedit bookshelves, Capita legs from IKEA silver black mod Moroccan living room makeover

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Sneak Peek at New Living Room Colors

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately. Part of that is due to slacking and the other part is due to working on a project: once again, I’m redecorating my living room. (Newsflash of the year, LOL). And of course, I’ve rearranged the room as I always do when the season changes.

I finally decided to make over my living room with a neutral color scheme. A neutral scheme allows me to easily update the colors with small changes like accessories whenever I decided a change was needed. I still love the turquoise & teal but they now serve as accent colors. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the changes I’ve already implemented…

Even though the wooden room divider/screen was a bust, I used the leftover pieces to paint large wall decor. I also sewed new pillow covers and am working on more. (They’ve got to be the EASIEST way to change up your decor, I swear.) Here’s a tease of the new sitting area:

Neutral Living Room Scheme Sofa Pillow Covers and Hand Painted Stenciled Wooden Panel Wall Decor Continue reading

Fabric stapled on canvas for wall decor

DIY: Customized Fabric Wall Decor

I love going to the fabric store, even when I don’t need any fabric. I love perusing all the different patterns and touching the fabrics. Last week, I had a motive to go: to create new wall decor.

I’ve contemplated how to decorate the space around my television for some time now. I googled articles and found a great way to have the TV blend into the room was to create a gallery wall behind it (Houzz.com has a great article with images here). I just wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of finding many things to frame. Sure, I have lots of paintings to choose from in my inventory, but most don’t match with the room’s color scheme. So I set out to find a great pattern/print I could instead use for wall decor.

Most of the fabric in turquoise and aquas was too bright for my liking & nothing grabbed me like it should. I’ve learned it’s best to spend money on things that really wow you, be it clothing or decor.

I spotted this fabric a while ago at Joann’s & love the classic, modern pattern. The print wowed me, but I wasn’t entirely sold with it being black and white. And then I had one of the creative epiphanies I love: customize the fabric with markers.

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DIY: Painted Bamboo Matchstick Blinds

One of my projects for Transformation Turquoise was to create a large piece of art for the living room. I’d considered painting bamboo blinds a while ago when I decided to take down the generic vertical blinds that came with this place. I bought matchstick bamboo blinds at Big Lots for fairly cheap—$5 for 36″ wide?— and hung three of them over my large living room window. (I decided not to paint a design on those.) I’ve also used a set of these blinds in a wall cut-out between the kitchen and living room.

They are matchstick blinds, so they provide sheer coverage since there is more space between the “slats” vs. typical blinds.  Because of this and because the matchsticks are rounded, this wasn’t the easiest painting project. For the image to appear more dimensional, I also had to paint my design in between the matchsticks. I was a bit impatient and didn’t want to give in to perfectionism, so I didn’t get too technical with this part of the painting.

Bamboo Matchstick Blinds repurposed into painted design wall hanging decoration

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DIY Fabric and Foamboard Wall Art

As an artist, I prefer to create my own style of decorating and accessories. One of the ways I accomplished this recently was the creation of fabric wall art. I’d love to just paint my walls to add color to my rooms, but as a renter, this is either not allowed or would entail too much work to paint it back. So instead I created some fabric wall art for the new color and design scheme I chose in my living room.

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