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Getting Back Into the Groove: Watercolor WIP x 2

“How did I ever stray from you?” I thought, as my brush glided across the paper.

I tackled a great deal of DIY and decorating projects in 2011, and in the process, feel I’ve neglected my true love, watercolor painting. I looked back on the previous post I made about these two paintings, and it was over 2 months ago. This may have been a subconscious decision on my part. Good thing I’ve been busy fulfilling my New Year’s resolution of painting a lot more.

I actually jumped back into these pieces a few days before the New Year, and found myself falling back in love with watercolor. I truly felt like I’d cheated on my mate… for something fulfilling and creative, but not nearly as nurturing or true to my soul. In fact, I think this has even manifested itself into my dreams lately.

I love that in selling my pieces, I can share my art with others and earn money, but I have a much grander idea in mind for my art. However, I want to complete the pieces I’ve started before I build up to this large goal. So, here’s what I have so far:

lotus meditation watercolor painting in turquoise and blue greens with hand in mudra

Stage 8

These pieces are sort of complementary, even though I hadn’t intended on them being part of a series, per se. Meditation has held a more significant role in my life lately, so I found myself yearning to express this. I also have a thing about hands/feet and love to create pieces featuring them. Originally, I intended on only using blue and blue-greens in the mobius piece, but decided to add some actual green in there for more contrast.

mobius and meditation watercolor painting in turquoise green and blue with hands in anjali mudra

Stage 4

WIP: Untitled (And a New Watercolor!)

This piece is taking some time to complete with all the other creative projects (Halloween!) and things I’ve been tackling lately. I’ve realized although I’ve heeded my creative spirit with my DIY and decoration projects, I’ve neglected my goals with my painting. So it’s back to the grind with that, along with a renewed mentality for my artwork.

I’d love to start on a totally new project, but I’m determine to see this piece through. Here’s an update of it so far:

watercolor painting of meditation energy mudra in aqua blue green teal and turquoise

Stages 1-6

I’ve also started another watercolor, as I’ve found myself attracted to the Möbius shape. Continue reading

Getting Back Into the Groove: WIP: Untitled

This weekend I started a new watercolor painting. The current piece is a redo of the last one I painted back in April. Others gave me positive feedback on that painting, but it didn’t end up as I’d intended. I knew I’d end up recreating it. This time, I changed the palette to include blue-greens (LOL, go figure) and will not be painting through the hand/leg so the blue energy stands out more.

Here are some shots throughout the process so far:

Continue reading

WIP: Untitled

Continuing with my current project, here some more shots of the piece in progress:

work in progress watercolor painting of meditating figure with mudra and energy in purple, green and yellow

I’m still struggling with how I feel of it. I think I’d prefer a different technique in mind with the swirls: wet-in-wet so that they wouldn’t be so bold. Possibly, I will do this piece over in that manner. Otherwise, I’m going with what I’ve started and am working at creating more contrast within the piece. 

Criticism and feedback are always welcome!

Work In Progress: Untitled

An update of the piece I started this week:

work in progress watercolor painting of meditating figure with mudra and energy in purple, green and yellow

(click image to zoom in)

It’s far from being completed. I plan on adding more embellishment and detail as I continue. Some of this I have planned and some of it is unknown, which is not common for me when I’m painting. Perhaps since I’m outside of my comfort zone with this piece is why I feel less confident about it. My concerns are making sure it’s still a reflection of myself and not… some psychedelic-ish painting. Nonetheless, it will be a useful exercise.

The Next Leg Of My Journey

My art is a journey and process, in which I am still discovering aspects of myself, my creative skills and my passion/purpose. While what I am to do with my art remains a mystery, I have 100% faith that my purpose will be revealed to me under one condition: that I continue creating and reaching outside my comfort zone.

So here I am, contemplating the next chapter in my journey. It’s important for me to create something that is a true expression and not manufactured for an audience… yet I also feel the need to be mindful of how I can better market myself.

How do I accomplish this? Continue reading