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DIY Geometric Tray

Confession: I used to think trays were an unnecessary part of decor. Unless they were truly used to carry items, I saw them as impractical. But when I created a tray for my last bedroom makeover, I became a convert. I discovered trays are much more practical than I’d once thought and I now have four in my home.

DIY geometric tray square triangles modern decor accessory navy gray silver aqua cobalt royal blue drawer pull milk glass candle Ganesh ikat pillows

Trays are a wonderful decor item as they help corral loose items and can be used to showcase other decor, like part of a vignette. My main purpose in creating one was to add color and pattern that complements my living room makeover.

Read along to check out how I created my tray and how you can do the same!

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DIY Tutorial: Ikat Fabric

Do you ever see a current decor trend or accessory and think, “I wish I could just make that myself to save money”? Or, “I love this but I wish it came in a different color”?

Ikat has been on the scene for a while now, but it’s still going strong. If you love the textured patterns of ikat but can’t afford the real deal (or want to save money instead of buying the printed versions)—I’m here to help.

DIY Ikat Fabric Tutorial reverse faux pattern cobalt royal blue navy white envelope pillow covers sewing living room makeover fabric markers cloverleaf quatrefoil

Follow along for my tutorial on creating your own ikat-patterned fabric.

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DIY: Child’s Poncho Pattern and Tutorial

Ponchos are back this season and are a perfect fall accessory. I considered buying one, but my common sense kicked in and said, “Why not just sew one up?” I still have a lot to learn about sewing, but knew a poncho would be an easy project.

DIY Child Poncho Pattern and Tutorial fleece sewing pink brown hearts pom pom trim

While making a poncho for myself (tutorial coming soon), I decided to also sew one from fleece for my niece’s birthday. I searched the web for a basic poncho pattern/tutorial for children, but most are for the no-sew variety. Sure, kids grow fast and fleece is great to use as it won’t fray, but I still wanted to create a poncho that looked neat and had seams.

For her poncho, I selected anti-pill fleece and some pom-pom trim. Now is a great time of year to stock up on fleece; it’s been on sale just about every week at the fabric stores. Check out this beautiful girl in her new fall fashion piece:

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DIY: Yoga Mat Carrier

DIY sewn drawstring yoga mat bag GREEN STRIPE CARRIER FABRIC

I was inspired to sew a yoga mat bag from this post over at Bored and Crafty. I actually sewed it a couple of weeks ago, but had to wait til after my honey’s birthday to blog it, in the 10% chance he’d actually come here and see it.  We both like to do yoga; I’ve done it off and on since I was a teenager.

Find out more about this homemade gift after the jump.

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DIY: Shower Curtain

Ever since I struck out on my own, I’ve lived in apartments. I’m actually one of those people who prefer being a renter, as it suits my lifestyle best. Over the past 13 years, I’ve adapted quite well to the disadvantages of apartment dwelling. One of those is not having much of a choice in the architecture and interior design.

Before I moved here, I badly needed a new place to stay and this was actually a place I’d had my eye on before. Because my real estate company owns this property and my last apartment, I had an inside connection to scoring this apartment. Also, because I trust my company, I signed the lease for this place before viewing the actual apartment I’d take.

My agent told me the bathroom would be a neutral shade. Boy, was she wrong. Almost everything is this retro/vintage mint green. Behold:

Mint green bathroom The DIY Homegirl-003

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DIY Fabric and Foamboard Wall Art

As an artist, I prefer to create my own style of decorating and accessories. One of the ways I accomplished this recently was the creation of fabric wall art. I’d love to just paint my walls to add color to my rooms, but as a renter, this is either not allowed or would entail too much work to paint it back. So instead I created some fabric wall art for the new color and design scheme I chose in my living room.

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Color, Formica, and evolution

I’ve been furious in my quest for redecorating my apartment lately. I’m revising the color scheme a bit in the living room and have finally determined what to match with this funky countertop I was blessed with in the kitchen:

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