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Diary of a Home Office Makeover: Completion

Home office makeover creative workspace desk The DIY Homegirl-002

My goal in this makeover was to give my office a cohesive look and a peaceful vibe. When I first decorated this room, my MO was truly just to “make it work” and make it feel happy. While I was successful in that mission, my office still didn’t feel great. And why settle for just good when you can be great?

Continue reading to check out the before & afters… plus all the details that now make my office a calm place in which I can be productive!

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Diary of a Home Office Makeover: Part 2

I’ve been working at this office makeover for too long. Last week, I hit a creative block. While creating a mini-gallery wall, I realized how my efforts matched my mood: overwhelmed. It was then that I saw the need to redefine my goal for making over my office.

Diary of a Home Office Makeover Part 2 gold spraypainted tools steel pegboardThe DIY Homegirl

Continue reading to find out how my progress so far, my latest consignment store find, and how I got back on track.

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Diary of a Home Office Makeover: Part 1

Diary of a Home Office Makeover Part 1 thumbnail by The DIY Homegirl peacock stained glass

I tend to rearrange furniture when the seasons change and have noticed a new trend that goes along with rearranging—purging.

This year, I started my purging early. Before summer actually began, I decided to do a huge overhaul in my home office. My home office is more than just a desk and some files: it’s where I work full-time and where I create, blog, paint, etc.

Continue reading to learn about what’s in store for my office makeover and how I’ve accomplished the first part of this process: purging.

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New Home Reveal: Home Office

In June of last year, I took a big chance on something I’d wanted for a long time: upgrading from a one-bedroom home to a two-bedroom home. I did this so that I could have a separate room for a home office and creative workspace, and it’s been sooo worth it.

I can’t lie, it’s also nice to have another room to decorate. :) Oddly, at my last apartment, I never got around to fully decorating my office. I had a few things up, but the room never felt cohesive or coordinated.

New Home Office Workspace Reveal thumbnail

When I moved in to this new apartment, I had to give the treatment my office (and myself) deserved. Continue reading to see how I’ve turned this extra room into a warm and colorful workspace.

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Get Your Color On! Turquoise & Aqua

turquoise aqua Get Your Color On blog series decorating tips decor accessories furniture fabric paint interior DIY textilesThe latest post of Get Your Color On! is inspired by summer: the bright, clear skies, relaxing trips to the beach, and refreshing dips in the pool. Continue reading for my tips on using turquoise and aqua in your home, other bloggers’ decor projects & tutorials, and my decor picks.

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Entryway Makeover: Before and After

clean simple entry entrance foyer makeover apartment ikea rast dresser landing strip mirror eames inspired coatrack DIY decor

My entryway desperately needed a makeover. My apartment doesn’t have an entrance that is distinct from the rest of my space, so the entrance had to be done over in a way that made it shine, yet still felt airy and light. It also needed to be functional and organized.

Continue reading to see what I used to create this clean, simple entryway makeover.

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How to Makeover Your Patio Furniture On the Cheap

One of my favorite past-times is to make over something, especially with paint. I’m a sucker for any activity involving a paint brush. This mission to redecorate involved my balcony, a lovely space I consider as another room in my home.

The issue: the colors of my patio furniture no longer coordinated with the colors in my living room. I like to coordinate the colors in each of my rooms to create a sense of flow. They aren’t all decorated in the same colors, but they do each share a common color. I chose to extend this decor flow out to my balcony.

Several years ago, I scored a couple of outdoor sling chairs from Walmart for my balcony. They’re made of mesh and are fairly comfy, and were a decent golden yellow, not too bright like a lot of patio furniture. At the time, these warm colors matched well with the purples I had in my living room.

balcony outdoor space yellow patio sling chairs before

Before, 2010…

Last year, I tried working with the yellow and incorporated it into my indoor color scheme of turquoise and red. I sewed these pillow shams and painted a lotus design to tie the colors together:

balcony outdoor space yellow patio sling chairs before turquoise red color scheme

Before, 2011…

I dug the gold/turquoise/red color scheme, but I just didn’t love it. So, I decided to coordinate ALL the colors on my balcony to those in my living room,which now includes mint green and makeover those yellow chairs:

Painted patio sling chair in mint green jade seafoam with batik teal pillow

…After, 2012

The new color is also great because I can mix and match decor between the living room and balcony. There’s no tutorial since it was a pretty easy process. Here’s how I did it with latex paint:

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Fabric stapled on canvas for wall decor

DIY: Customized Fabric Wall Decor

I love going to the fabric store, even when I don’t need any fabric. I love perusing all the different patterns and touching the fabrics. Last week, I had a motive to go: to create new wall decor.

I’ve contemplated how to decorate the space around my television for some time now. I googled articles and found a great way to have the TV blend into the room was to create a gallery wall behind it (Houzz.com has a great article with images here). I just wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of finding many things to frame. Sure, I have lots of paintings to choose from in my inventory, but most don’t match with the room’s color scheme. So I set out to find a great pattern/print I could instead use for wall decor.

Most of the fabric in turquoise and aquas was too bright for my liking & nothing grabbed me like it should. I’ve learned it’s best to spend money on things that really wow you, be it clothing or decor.

I spotted this fabric a while ago at Joann’s & love the classic, modern pattern. The print wowed me, but I wasn’t entirely sold with it being black and white. And then I had one of the creative epiphanies I love: customize the fabric with markers.

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Getting Back Into the Groove: Watercolor WIP x 2

“How did I ever stray from you?” I thought, as my brush glided across the paper.

I tackled a great deal of DIY and decorating projects in 2011, and in the process, feel I’ve neglected my true love, watercolor painting. I looked back on the previous post I made about these two paintings, and it was over 2 months ago. This may have been a subconscious decision on my part. Good thing I’ve been busy fulfilling my New Year’s resolution of painting a lot more.

I actually jumped back into these pieces a few days before the New Year, and found myself falling back in love with watercolor. I truly felt like I’d cheated on my mate… for something fulfilling and creative, but not nearly as nurturing or true to my soul. In fact, I think this has even manifested itself into my dreams lately.

I love that in selling my pieces, I can share my art with others and earn money, but I have a much grander idea in mind for my art. However, I want to complete the pieces I’ve started before I build up to this large goal. So, here’s what I have so far:

lotus meditation watercolor painting in turquoise and blue greens with hand in mudra

Stage 8

These pieces are sort of complementary, even though I hadn’t intended on them being part of a series, per se. Meditation has held a more significant role in my life lately, so I found myself yearning to express this. I also have a thing about hands/feet and love to create pieces featuring them. Originally, I intended on only using blue and blue-greens in the mobius piece, but decided to add some actual green in there for more contrast.

mobius and meditation watercolor painting in turquoise green and blue with hands in anjali mudra

Stage 4

WIP: Untitled (And a New Watercolor!)

This piece is taking some time to complete with all the other creative projects (Halloween!) and things I’ve been tackling lately. I’ve realized although I’ve heeded my creative spirit with my DIY and decoration projects, I’ve neglected my goals with my painting. So it’s back to the grind with that, along with a renewed mentality for my artwork.

I’d love to start on a totally new project, but I’m determine to see this piece through. Here’s an update of it so far:

watercolor painting of meditation energy mudra in aqua blue green teal and turquoise

Stages 1-6

I’ve also started another watercolor, as I’ve found myself attracted to the Möbius shape. Continue reading