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How to Make Over Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Paint

how to make over kitchen cabinets without paint diy faux grasscloth burlap shelf liner rental apartment The DIY Homegirl tutorialWhen I moved into my new apartment, I was told I could paint the kitchen cabinets as long as I used a neutral color. At first, I thought this was pretty cool of the landlord and started visualizing a crisp white or a light, cool gray… something to really open up the small space.

But when I asked if they’d take some money off the rent for doing this, they said no. :( Dang. In spite of this, would all the work of painting still be worth it? And that answer was also no. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So I then set out to find a Plan B for revamping over these fugly two-toned cabinets. Read along to see what I ended up using to give my kitchen a cheap yet impressive makeover and how easy it is for you to do the same.

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DIY Tutorial: Ikat Fabric

Do you ever see a current decor trend or accessory and think, “I wish I could just make that myself to save money”? Or, “I love this but I wish it came in a different color”?

Ikat has been on the scene for a while now, but it’s still going strong. If you love the textured patterns of ikat but can’t afford the real deal (or want to save money instead of buying the printed versions)—I’m here to help.

DIY Ikat Fabric Tutorial reverse faux pattern cobalt royal blue navy white envelope pillow covers sewing living room makeover fabric markers cloverleaf quatrefoil

Follow along for my tutorial on creating your own ikat-patterned fabric.

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DIY Decor Tutorial: Rorschach (Inkblot) Wall Art

Recently, I was reminded of a past art/decor project. Many years ago— before Pinterest, before entering the blogging world, before knowing I wanted to be an interior designer— I created a few Rorschach “tests.”

Rorschach tests were used back in the day by psychologists to help determine an underlying disorder with patients. They’ve always fascinated me, because like other forms of art, there’s no wrong perception from the viewer. Each person has a unique response to them.

When I first made these, it was just for fun, to see what would appear in the blots. I really liked the results, so I framed them and used them as decor. While pondering what art I could create for my living room, I recalled my previous DIY inkblots and decided to make them again.

DIY Inkblot Rorshach wall art paint decor tutorial creaselessCreating inkblots is very easy, but one thing I don’t like is that the fold in the paper is visible. Thus, I created this tutorial to show how it can be done without the fold, leaving you with a crease-free piece of art. Continue reading for my tutorial and tips on creating your own Rorschach art.

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Reinvent a Favorite Image: DIY Distressed Art Tutorial

This project was created while pondering ways to “save” a favorite poster. I haven’t used this poster in a while because I grew tired of the frame I’d been using. The frame was really cheap and didn’t even frame the print properly. So I rolled up the poster and tossed into my decor arsenal closet.

Finally, I came up with an idea on how to give it a new life: distress it and attach it to a canvas. Before embarking on this project with the poster, I tested it out with a magazine photo. (My favorite poster is in the final stages of this makeover, so stay tuned!)DIY Distressed Poster Art Tutorial thumbnail canvas magazine photo image print cardinal patina texture Mod Podge paint sandpaper decor accessory deckle edge

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DIY Tutorial: Natural Rope Sunburst

I really dig sunbursts, but have stayed away from making my own because it’s been such a popular DIY project. Sometimes I’m a rebel like that, not doing something just because it’s trendy.

One day, while pondering ways to re-use some dried leaves, it hit me that the leaves would look great fanned outward—and so the natural sunburst idea was born. I really love this project because it’s not your typical sunburst creation & because I’ve been on a kick with DIY rope decor projects lately.

DIY Natural Sunburst tutorial sisal rope hot glue plywood circle dried leaves repurposing natural earthy wall decor green

This sunburst is very easy to make and involves repurposing some rope and dried leaves. Its natural aesthetic will complement many decor styles, from tropical to shabby chic. Find out how to make this natural sunburst after the jump.

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DIY Rope Side Table

I’m back! The past couple weeks have been filled with moving, unpacking, and re-decorating. I’m still working on my new home, but just couldn’t stay away from blogging for too long. Plus, I’m excited to share my new decor and apartment with y’all!

One thing I always liked about moving is that it’s a new beginning. It’s a new place to decorate and start over. Granted, this move was a partial start-over since the floorplan is similar, but still a new environment nonetheless.

I’ve harnessed this energy of a fresh start and have been decorating most of my new home with a slightly different style and decor. Shortly before I made the decision to move, I started working on this earthy side table:

DIY sisal rope side table planters pots white natural earthy beachy shabby chic decor furniture tutorial

Learn what I repurposed to create this side table and how you can create your own after the jump.

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Share the Light This Mother’s Day by Making these Easy DIY Soy Candles

I’ve inherited many things from my mother: a corny sense of humor, a love of baking, her nite-owl nature, an appreciation for reading… and a love of candles.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful, practical gift for the mother in your life, consider setting a date with her and making some candles together. Or you could just make the candles yourself to give as a gift to that special mama.

easy DIY soy candles Swan Creek Candle Company refill wax glass containers thrifted glass tealight votive cotton wicks Mother's Day project gifts Fresh Bamboo Buttercream Vanilla Lilac Mist Amber Musk

A couple weeks ago, my mother and I spent the day together replenishing our arsenal of candles. It was great to share a creative experience with my her and I think she still enjoys teaching her daughter a thing or two.

Thanks to modern technology, candle-making is quite easy to do and can be a thrifty project. Continue reading for the tutorial on how to make these candles, plus my mother’s handy tips.

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DIY Tutorial: Revamp Your Decor with Whitewashing

Whitewashing is an easy and cost-effective method of decorating. By adding an air of patina and texture, this paint technique enhances a variety of decor styles like as cottage, beach, country, or shabby chic.

Recently, I included whitewashing in my bedroom makeover by revamping some bamboo matchstick blinds. Because I’m re-decorating this room into a beachy, Zen space, this technique was perfect for adding texture and warmth to my neutral color scheme.whitewashed bamboo blinds tutorial diy wall art decor natural

Read along to find out how I achieved this look and how you can also transform an item with whitewashing.

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DIY: Easy Padded Headboard Tutorial

DIY Easy Padded Floating Headboard Tutorial with foamboard, plywood, fabric, foam padding, upholstery nails

A few years ago, I created a floating headboard with squares of foamboard, batting, fabric, & velcro. When I outgrew the green color scheme in my bedroom, I removed the headboard. I tried using more pillows as a substitution, but it just wasn’t the same.

Forward to the present, where I’m making over my bedroom & felt the need for a headboard again. An upholstered headboard doesn’t just provide cushioning so you can watch TV or read in bed, it also helps anchor the bed in the room.  Your bed is usually the automatic focal point of the room because of its size, so a headboard also allows you to coordinate the bed into your decorating scheme.

Check out my current bedroom before & after the headboard to see how big an impact it makes in the room:

DIY Easy Padded Floating Headboard Tutorial with foamboard, plywood, fabric, foam padding, upholstery nails

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DIY: Felt & Fabric Gift Card Holders Tutorial

I made these felt & fabric gift card holders last year for Christmas & am creating them again this year. In fact, I’m going to create a surplus so it will save me some work next year. :) Gift cards can feel impersonal, so these holders add a homemade touch and make the gift more special.

DIY Felt and Fabric Gift Card Holder Tutorial

My sewing skills are pretty limited, so I love that this project is very basic. You use minimal fabric (=minimal measuring) & scraps are perfect for the lining.

If you have some budding crafters at home, this would be a great project for them. You can use this project to teach them how to use scraps, coordinate colors/prints and basic sewing techniques.

This year, I’m making mine with seasonal fabric & colors, but last year I used standard prints so the holders could be re-used after Christmas. My sister loved hers because it was crafted just for her (purple felt with black & white zebra print fabric) and she used it well after redeeming the gift card. These holders would be perfect for storing gum, business cards, money, keys, etc.

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