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Warm & Neutral Bathroom Makeover Moodboard

Warm & Neutral Bathroom Makeover Moodboard Asian vintage romantic global natural taupe orchid mauveThe DIY Homegirl

When you’re knee-deep in a decor or DIY project, does a little voice speak to you, whispering words of common sense and rationale? Do you heed this voice, ignore it, or strive for a fun balance of the two to keep life interesting?

I fall in the latter category. See, I really want to dive into making over my bathroom, but I’m still making over my living room. I’ve lived here for a year now and never planned a specific decorating scheme for the bathroom. My rationale for waiting so long is that it’s the least used room in my home. I’d added some decorative elements, but nothing that really wows you or feels complete.

I decided to just dip my toes in the water by gathering inspriration and supplies for my bathroom makeover. Continue reading to learn how I’ll transform this neglected space in my home.

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Vintage Ironing Board Upcycled into a Bookshelf

While window-shopping & brainstorming ideas for a bookshelf in my living room, I spotted a wood ironing board at a consignment shop. It was $30—a little more than I think an old ironing board should cost, yet cheaper than a decent bookshelf. But mostly, I was sold on having such a unique piece in my home.

Distressed white chalk paint vintage wood ironing board repurposed into bookshelf living room makeover The DIY Homegirl

Continue reading to check out more of my recent vintage/secondhand find and to see how I made it over!

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Decorating with Ironing Boards

A few weeks ago, I was weighing options of shelves for my living room makeover, browsing stores to see what I could find. I really wanted something unique and decorative… not plain and generic like the ready-to-assemble bookshelves you can get at a big box store.

And that is when the decor gods smiled upon me and blessed me with a vintage wood ironing board. I scored this at a consignment store, which has become my preferred option for quality, secondhand goods.

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New Home Reveal, Part I: Living Room

It’s been almost one month in my new home and I’m glad to finally share (some of) it with you! So far, everything has worked out very nicely in this new place. Continue reading to check out the first part of my reveal—the living room decorated in rich navy blues and cobalt.

new home reveal living room navy cobalt blue arabesque mid century modern decor

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The Perfect Shade of Gray: an End Table Makeover

It is with great pleasure that I’m announcing the newest arrival to my home. I bought this mid-century modern (MCM) end table early in the summer and can finally share its revamped beauty. I moved right after I bought it, so its makeover was delayed. It’s one of my favorite thrift store scores to date.

MCM Side Table Light Gray Paint and Sheet Metal Makeover thumbnail

The table was painted with a delicate neutral I’ve found is the perfect shade of gray–Sterling by Behr Premium Plus Ultra. It’s dark enough to stand out as gray, yet light enough that it doesn’t feel overwhelming or gloomy. This gray just has an ethereal, airy quality to it.

Read along to learn more about my makeover, including how I revamped its doors.

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Living Room Makeover with Mod & Moroccan Decor

It took a few months to complete my living room make-over, but it is finally ready for sharing:


My living room was previously styled in turquoise (my favorite color) but I decided a change was needed. This makeover was primarily accomplished by updating existing accessories and furniture. Come take a look at how I turned my living room/home office into a peaceful yet enjoyable place with a neutral color scheme.

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My Vintage Tanker Desk Makeover

During my recent vacation, I planned to finally paint my wooden tanker desk. Problem was, I couldn’t figure out what color to paint it. I’ve been updating my living room from turquoise and red to a neutral color scheme of black and white.vintage MCM wood tanker desk paint furniture makeover teal turquoise home office

I like that it’s one of those colors that looks different in light.  In the daylight it appears bluer but at night in artificial light, it’s more like a true teal/green-blue. Continue reading to learn more about this spiffy makeover and how I came across such a wonderful find.

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Kick Your Feet Up On Me: DIY Round Ottoman

Are there DIYaholic Anonymous meetings out there? Because I think I may need an intervention.

In keeping with the high I get from creating new stuff for my home, I recently made an ottoman. I’d been weighing how to create more seating space in my home and considered buying an armchair. Building an ottoman was a great (and cheaper!) alternative. You can buy or build some with storage for cheaper than I made mine, but how unique will they be?!

I determined my expenses would be less or equal to the cost of a new footstool. The great thing about DIY is that you can customize the style, shape and color of your project. (Yes, that is a justification for my habit.) AND I also won by getting some new tools and supplies to use with future projects (hello, staple gun!).

DIY round ottoman upholstery project for living room with fabric batting wood legs and stain

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DIY: Revamped End Table With Mod Podge and Paint

Several months ago, I’d purchased some mid-century bi-level end tables from a thrift store. I was on a search for some furnishings that would complement my new decor and I’ve been very drawn to the retro/min-century look lately. I scored 2 of these tables for about $10 total.

I used to have one of these tables years ago, as my grandma had given me some old furniture when I first moved away from home. I eventually got rid of the table once I could afford something else, because I didn’t like it so much. Funny how styles come back around.

Revamped Mid Century Modern End Table With Mod Podge and Paint BEFORE

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