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New Watercolor: “Sign for the Times”

Sign for the Times original watercolor painting by Angela Conley mosaic peace sign diversity races

“Sign for the Times”

This painting was inspired by a previous piece, “The Only Way.” In both paintings, the mosaic style symbolizes many peoples joining together. I strongly believe that for peace to exist, we all must unite. Whether that peace is needed in a particular nation or not, we as humans must all band together for the same goal. Each of the mosaic tiles in the hand/arm of “The Only Way” and in the background of “Sign for the Times” were painted in various tones of complexion.

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Work In Progress (WIP): The Vulnerable One, Stages 4-13

With the exception of this weekend, I’ve been working on this piece every day. I feel no awkwardness painting now. It seems the best way to get over that creative block is to just _____ (insert craft here). Just do it.

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Work In Progress (WIP): The Vulnerable One, Stages 1-3

I haven’t painted in a while… about 2 months. It’s easy for me to fall out of it at times, but when I get back into it, it’s meant to be.

The last time I painted, I started sketching a new idea. I did it in pencil first and then in watercolor, but the painting felt awkward. I worked through it though, telling myself it was just my ego and it would get easier.

This week, I started over with new, better quality watercolor paper and a refreshed outlook.

Watercolor sketch painting nude woman by Angela ConleyWatercolor painting of vulnerable nude woman by Angela ConleyWatercolor painting of vulnerable nude woman by Angela ConleyWatercolor painting of vulnerable nude woman by Angela Conley

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New Piece Progressions

Following up to my last post, I’ve immersed myself in sketching two new paintings, one including this idea. This time, I’m taking a different approach in my preparation. Usually, I do a quick sketch of the painting in pencil and then transfer or draw it onto the watercolor paper.

This time, I did a basic sketch plus an actual watercolor sketch on a smaller scale. At first, I was not feeling it. I felt inept and inexperienced. But I persisted, realizing this was just an egotistical perception and that to get over that awkward feeling, I had to keep going. (Plus, working outside your comfort zone is a great tool!)

Watercolor sketch of nude woman by Angela Conley

Watercolor sketch of nude woman by Angela Conley

In the midst of painting, I realized a few things: I didn’t want to go with the recent concept I had for that piece. There are two ideas: the original idea that came to me seemingly out of nowhere and the other idea arising out of my current attention to topics of a feminist nature. The original idea should work better for aesthetic reasons plus I’m intrigued in expressing a portion of my subconscious…. even if I don’t quite understand it yet.

I also realized even though my painting was understandably rusty, I needed more practice. So, I pulled out the sketchpad again to re-sketch my subjects, focusing on values and shadows within the anatomy:

Pencil sketch for painting of nude woman by Angela Conley

Pencil sketch for painting of dead woman by Angela Conley

I may go old school and start sketching fashion ads like I used to as a teenager/young adult for additional practice. The next step will be another watercolor sketch to reinforce these values. And then the next step will be my favorite part: the actual painting. I’m excited.

Getting Back Into the Groove: Watercolor WIP x 2

“How did I ever stray from you?” I thought, as my brush glided across the paper.

I tackled a great deal of DIY and decorating projects in 2011, and in the process, feel I’ve neglected my true love, watercolor painting. I looked back on the previous post I made about these two paintings, and it was over 2 months ago. This may have been a subconscious decision on my part. Good thing I’ve been busy fulfilling my New Year’s resolution of painting a lot more.

I actually jumped back into these pieces a few days before the New Year, and found myself falling back in love with watercolor. I truly felt like I’d cheated on my mate… for something fulfilling and creative, but not nearly as nurturing or true to my soul. In fact, I think this has even manifested itself into my dreams lately.

I love that in selling my pieces, I can share my art with others and earn money, but I have a much grander idea in mind for my art. However, I want to complete the pieces I’ve started before I build up to this large goal. So, here’s what I have so far:

lotus meditation watercolor painting in turquoise and blue greens with hand in mudra

Stage 8

These pieces are sort of complementary, even though I hadn’t intended on them being part of a series, per se. Meditation has held a more significant role in my life lately, so I found myself yearning to express this. I also have a thing about hands/feet and love to create pieces featuring them. Originally, I intended on only using blue and blue-greens in the mobius piece, but decided to add some actual green in there for more contrast.

mobius and meditation watercolor painting in turquoise green and blue with hands in anjali mudra

Stage 4

WIP: Untitled (And a New Watercolor!)

This piece is taking some time to complete with all the other creative projects (Halloween!) and things I’ve been tackling lately. I’ve realized although I’ve heeded my creative spirit with my DIY and decoration projects, I’ve neglected my goals with my painting. So it’s back to the grind with that, along with a renewed mentality for my artwork.

I’d love to start on a totally new project, but I’m determine to see this piece through. Here’s an update of it so far:

watercolor painting of meditation energy mudra in aqua blue green teal and turquoise

Stages 1-6

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New Watercolor: “Untitled”

It’s no surprise that I decided to whip up this painting of a tree while working on another piece. I am drawn to doodling trees (pun intended) and have wanted to do a tree painting for some time. Usually I use my watercolor paper scraps to test colors, but I took this oblong piece and decided its shape would be perfect. Continue reading

Getting Back Into the Groove: WIP: Untitled

This weekend I started a new watercolor painting. The current piece is a redo of the last one I painted back in April. Others gave me positive feedback on that painting, but it didn’t end up as I’d intended. I knew I’d end up recreating it. This time, I changed the palette to include blue-greens (LOL, go figure) and will not be painting through the hand/leg so the blue energy stands out more.

Here are some shots throughout the process so far:

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WIP: Sakura, Stages 4-6

work in progress watercolor painting of sakura or cherry blossoms

I’m strongly considering using ink to provide some outline and definition to this piece. I’ve been wanting to try a combination of ink and watercolor for a while now, and could see the ink adding something more unique to this piece. I especially think some ink lines could be used for small branches, like for some of these blossoms that are “floating.”

Emulating artists and art forms is cool as an exercise, but not for my own personal creations. I like my paintings to have some uniqueness and be more of a self-expression. In light of this, I don’t want this painting to look like a Sumi-e painting or any other traditional Asian art.

My main motivation for this piece was to have some art in my bedroom. Originally, I planned on painting the flowers in red to coordinate with the colors in my room (chartreuse/light green and red), but it doesn’t seem like they’d still be cherry blossoms if I did that. I will still use some red paint as an accent in this piece, though.

For the background, I’m just layering shades of green at the moment. I think I need to have more variance though and keep it consistent with the direction of light, so the bottom will be painted darker than the top.

WIP: Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

I admire the cherry blossoms for their early entrance into spring, their delicate yet strong beauty and their rich, cultural symbolism. Cherry blossoms, or sakura, are celebrated in Japan around this time of year and I’ve chosen to interpret them with watercolor and a mostly wet-in-wet technique. This technique can be unpredictable yet is a great tool for learning to go with the flow, both literally and figuratively. It can also yield pleasant surprises.

work in progress watercolor painting of sakura or cherry blossoms

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I am reminded of the quote, “This too shall pass.” It is a helpful quote to refer to in times of despair or sadness, yet it is true for all things in life… even the moments that fill us with joy, hope and love. Nothing is forever and the only constant in life is change. Combining the wet-in-wet style with the blooms’ symbolism of impermanence remind me to cherish all moments of life, no matter how fleeting, unexpected or challenging they are.