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Dining Room Makeover on a Wee Budget

Decorating my dining room only took about a year. That’s normal, right?

With the exception of my last apartment, I’ve never had a space carved out for dining. I was perfectly happy camped out at the coffee table with my meal, watching TV. This is probably why it took so long to truly decorate this portion of my current apartment. Ahh, the comfort of familiarity…

Once I tackled the rooms I used more often–my office and bedroom–I knew I had to get back to the dining room. Finally, I can finally reveal this new and improved space and enjoy it like it should be. Continue reading to see what tips I used to create a dining room in an open floorplan and how I did this on a very limited budget.

Dining room budget makeover open floorplan aqua Opal Silk teal white gray silver mod Scandinavian natural casual gallery wall linen The DIY Homegirl

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Diary of a Home Office Makeover: Completion

Home office makeover creative workspace desk The DIY Homegirl-002

My goal in this makeover was to give my office a cohesive look and a peaceful vibe. When I first decorated this room, my MO was truly just to “make it work” and make it feel happy. While I was successful in that mission, my office still didn’t feel great. And why settle for just good when you can be great?

Continue reading to check out the before & afters… plus all the details that now make my office a calm place in which I can be productive!

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Diary of a Home Office Makeover: Part 2

I’ve been working at this office makeover for too long. Last week, I hit a creative block. While creating a mini-gallery wall, I realized how my efforts matched my mood: overwhelmed. It was then that I saw the need to redefine my goal for making over my office.

Diary of a Home Office Makeover Part 2 gold spraypainted tools steel pegboardThe DIY Homegirl

Continue reading to find out how my progress so far, my latest consignment store find, and how I got back on track.

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Adding Unique Texture to Furniture: DIY Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

Sometimes I wait to participate in a trend until the point it’s no longer a trend. There’s this small rebel inside that doesn’t want to do something just because everyone else is. It’s like reverse peer pressure.

Case in point: chalk paint. I finally jumped on the chalk paint/distressed furniture bandwagon while making over my bedroom.

To save money, I made chalk paint based on other bloggers’ experiments— except the paint came out very thick and lumpy. I decided to go along for the ride to create a unique, textured piece of furniture that’s perfect for my bohemian bedroom.

Bedroom dresser makeover with thick textured DIY chalk paint texture bohemian distressed shabby chic white makeover by The DIY Homegirl

Read along to find out how I achieved this look and to see more of the dresser.

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My Perfectly Pink Balcony Makeover

A few months ago, I decided to re-decorate my outdoor space with a new color scheme: pink. pink coral salmon red black white patio balcony outdoor space makeover container garden flamingo tropical Indian brick   patio chair folding table painted tray henna candles votives lantern sisal rope coasters mandevilla duck canvas fabric paint box cushion cover envelope pillow cover quatrefoil

This makeover had to be done with just the right shades of pink that would coordinate with the brick walls of my balcony. Pink can be a tricky color to decorate with in an adult space. Ironically, my muse for this makeover was my favorite animal as a child: the flamingo.

Read along to find out how I achieved the perfect shade of pink for my brick balcony, check out my new container garden, and how I coordinated everything with a tropical and India-inspired style.

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Entryway Makeover: Before and After

clean simple entry entrance foyer makeover apartment ikea rast dresser landing strip mirror eames inspired coatrack DIY decor

My entryway desperately needed a makeover. My apartment doesn’t have an entrance that is distinct from the rest of my space, so the entrance had to be done over in a way that made it shine, yet still felt airy and light. It also needed to be functional and organized.

Continue reading to see what I used to create this clean, simple entryway makeover.

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Mid-Century Modern IKEA Rast Dresser Makeover… Finally Completed!

MCM Side Table Light Gray Paint and Sheet Metal Makeover bowtie MCM vintage design white

When I started seeing how other creative bloggers and decorators were making over their IKEA Rast dressers, I knew had to get in on the action. I can finally report that these pieces are finished and in their respective home in my entryway.

Continue reading to see how I revamped these dressers into one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Work in Progress: IKEA Rast Dresser Makeover

Note to self: cut yourself off from painting anything with drawers. Seriously. If you hear me talking about another dresser or desk to make over with paint, contact me, stat.

I started this project of painting two IKEA Rast dressers about a month ago. Almost every piece of furniture I’ve made with over with paint has had drawers.

Drawers=more planes=more sanding=more painting=more work=less fun.

Here’s a close-up shot of them so far:

IKEA Rast pine wood dresser furniture makeover latex paint Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Sterling Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover in flat white Minwax Polycrylic in semi-gloss light cool gray mid-century modern decor bowtie

My weapons of choice: Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Sterling (flat), Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover in White (flat), Minwax Polycrylic in Semi-Gloss.

This round of furniture painting has taught me a few lessons. Continue reading after the jump to see what I’ve learned through this process.

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Vote For Me!

I finally received word that I’m a contestant in Apartment Therapy’s Bedroom Retreat contest—woooo!

DIY Beachy Zen Bedroom Makeover neutral pallette white cream brown black silver gray green faux bois foam headboard wood bamboo nature beach Zen Asian decor

Check out my entry on Apartment Therapy here or visit the URL below. If you dug my bedroom makeover, please select me as your favorite in this contest.

The link on AT only has a few pics, so come over to my previous blog post herefor more photos & details on how I made this room my sanctuary. Voting ends 4/1 at 12PM EST. Many thanks for your support!


My Beachy Zen Haven: a Bedroom Makeover

EDIT: my bedroom has been selected in Apartment Therapy’s Bedroom Retreat contest! Vote for me here by selecting me as a favorite.

Imagine a place you can relax in, unwinding from the day’s stresses and challenges. This place envelopes you in crisp, clean white yet possesses an earthy, natural energy that calms your senses and mind. In this place, you can only do a few things—dress, sleep and some light reading—but this is perfect. You don’t want this space to encompass a lot of activities, because it’s where you detach from the world. This is your sanctuary, your haven to rest and renew yourself for the new day ahead.

 DIY Beachy Zen Bedroom Makeover neutral pallette white cream brown black silver gray green faux bois foam headboard velcro foamboard nailhead trim paintable wallpaper Mod Podge wood bamboo nature beach Zen Asian decor PADDED HEADBOARD DIY

This space is what I created with my bedroom makeover. Come check out how I transformed a blah bedroom into a beachy Zen haven:

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