Color, Formica, and evolution

I've been furious in my quest for redecorating my apartment lately. I'm revising the color scheme a bit in the living room and have finally determined what to match with this funky countertop I was blessed with in the kitchen:

As you can see, the pattern consists of a seafoam/mint green with what was probably olive green and gray squares. My colors in the living room have been mainly purple, so for the past year I’ve been off/on trying to determine what color scheme would fit well with this Formica and my other room. I sought some help at, and found what I needed. It’s funny how it came to me in the end, when I wasn’t trying to hard to figure it out. Life seems to happen that way a lot for me.

My living room was previously a bluer purple, fucshia and kelly scheme.  I have a tendency towards bright, saturated colors… when I was in junior high, I was nicknamed Rainbow Brite because I wore neon and rainbow colored clothing. See here:

Fierce, huh? I still have this tendency although not like I did in the late 80s/early 90s, LOL. So I’m toning it down a bit and changing the style a bit in my apt. I’m really digging modern, simple, retro patterns and designs lately. And of course, this is fitting in my kitchen, so I’m creating a makeshift canvas with muslin and foamboard. I’m painting a design and will add a health-related quote to it.

The colors in the living room will be eggplant/aubergine, a yellow-green, and magenta, plus maybe a bit of orange. In the kitchen, the colors will be the seafoam, eggplant, orange or yellow, and slightly different version of the yellow-green. I’m also considering a toned down teal color in the bedroom with yellow-green and brown, but that’s a project to being once I finish my current ones. I’ll be creating more fabric panels for my living room with some sort of floral design, and perhaps a quote panel in Kanji.

So this is where my creative energy has been going lately… it’s a great feeling.

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