She’s Crafty…

Over the past couple months, I've taken on a mission of redecorating my home. My DIY journey has involved much trial and error, fabric purchases, painting, and debating. (Oh, the woes of the Libra soul!) While I am nowhere near done, I have learned some important things so far:

* Plan: Ironically, the super-analytical and semi-obsessive mind I possess did not do this as much beforehand. I went into this redecorating and DIY mission impulsively. A notebook and pencil have become quick buddies.

*Use fabric swatches: Oh, how I wish I would’ve just conned the clerks into letting me take a couple inches of fabric or paid for a bit before I decided to pay for yards of it. Did you know that stuff isn’t returnable?! Another alternative was to snap a photo of the fabric on my cell and let it marinate in my head & before my eyes for a bit before purchasing.

*Research: I’ve become slightly addicted to DIY, crafting, sewing, and decorating websites. There are oodles of them out there and Google has become my best friend. I’ve learned a lot about what supplies are needed prior to a project.

*Take your time: Not long into my journey, I discovered all these great people with these sweet DIY websites and blogs probably have much more time on their hands than I do. I also lack patience; so reminding myself not to rush was key.

*Create a workspace: I started out on the floor. It’s what I’ve been accustomed to doing; I sit on the floor cross-legged with my board/paper in lap and paint away, coffee table full of paints and tools in front of me. Then I started adapting the use of my ironing board.  With a painting board on it, it became a great makeshift table, albeit not too sturdy. I decided to buy a rectangular, folding card table for $30 at Walmart and love it.

*Take before & after photos: This is self-explanatory. You can post them later on a sweet crafting/decorating blog, your own site and also reference them to admire the work you’ve done. This will be especially helpful for my closet-cleaning project coming soon.

Sometimes we learn best in hindsight. Thankfully I’ve been able to experiment and am blessed with the funds to do so. P.S., I will be donating some of my fabric/crafting supplies, so at least those purchases will benefit someone.

Updates & photos to come soon!

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