DIY Fabric and Foamboard Wall Art

As an artist, I prefer to create my own style of decorating and accessories. One of the ways I accomplished this recently was the creation of fabric wall art. I’d love to just paint my walls to add color to my rooms, but as a renter, this is either not allowed or would entail too much work to paint it back. So instead I created some fabric wall art for the new color and design scheme I chose in my living room.

For several years now, I’ve been rocking purple and magenta as the primary colors in my living room. After a while it started getting old, so a new scheme was chosen. Purple is my favorite color, so I wanted to keep this, but in a different shade. This time I chose eggplant, with teal and chartreuse as accents. (Teal is my second favorite color, so it may actually be a 40/40/20 color scheme instead of the suggested 60/30/10.)

The previous style was a bit ethnic/cultural; I had a large batik fabric wall hanging I created to bring in my favorite color previously. It consisted of 3 different prints that evoked a Moroccan vibe. Magenta and violet batik fabric wall hanging The Decor Guru DIY wall art

To replace this massive wall hanging, I painted a retro/modern pattern onto some Kona cotton fabric (Eggplant) with acrylic craft paint and textile medium. I figured attaching the fabric to foamboard would have been cheaper than just painting a canvas, so I went this route. (In actuality, it may have come out the same, if I’d have gotten a great deal on canvas.)

DIY Fabric and Foamboard Painted Wall Art The Decor Guru auburgine chartreuse turquoise mod pattern

Once I was done with the design and it was dry, I used a light-duty staple gun to staple the fabric onto the foamboard. To hang the panels easily on the wall, I hot glued extra strips of foamboard to the back, equal to the measurement of the sides (30″) and approximately 2 inches wide. This was done on all four sides, creating a platform that allows the panel to stand out more from the wall… but mostly I did this to hang the panels with a couple nails per panel. So far, they have stayed on the wall and not gone astray.

What’s also cool about these panels is they are interchangable. I rearrange my furniture often so this will make it easy to move these as well.  Stay tuned for more DIY projects…

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2 Comments on DIY Fabric and Foamboard Wall Art

  1. I was wondering if you sell any replicas of the eggplant wall art hanging and how much you charge? I love it!

    • Thanks! I don’t have any replicas of this, but I can check my fabric stash & see if I still have it. If you’re interested, we can discuss a price if you’d just like to buy it?

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