DIY: Beaded Tiebacks

If you have extra beads in your craft stash like I do and a few standard supplies/jewelry findings, you can create beaded tiebacks. These are a cheap and simple way to dress up your window treatments and a way to repurpose those jump rings and cup hooks. I created these for my bedroom, where  green is the theme and natural is the vibe:

DIY Beaded Curtain Tiebacks Tutorial wood beads jump rings The Decor Guru olive drab cream turquoise


I also made some smaller tiebacks for my living room, where I have sheer curtains over bamboo matchstick blinds. They aren’t as noticeable as the ones above, but I find having the curtains pulled back adds more attention to the windows and adds some formality to the room.

Beaded curtain tiebacks with repurposed jump rings and cup hooks turquoise magenta gold wood tutorial The Decor Guru

I used some old beads I’ve had for ages plus bought some new ones from Hobby Lobby when they had a jewelry supply sale. Usually you can get them on sale for 40-50% off. I’ve always liked rocks (I embrace my nerdiness), so I really dug the turquoise colored stone beads… plus turquoise is the accent color in the bedroom.


Nylon beading string,  cup hooks, jump rings, clear nail polish, beads, and measuring tape


-Gather up curtain/draperies with the measuring tape as a mock tieback to see how long you should make your tieback. Jot this number down if needed. Make sure your tieback is loose enough and has some give to it. You don’t want the final result to be too tight of a fit against the curtains (especially if they are heavy) and risk the beads popping off.

-String your beads in the desired length;  each end multiple times to hold beads in place and tie to jump rings. use nail polish to help deal the knots. I used two strings of the nylon to make the tieback stronger. Wire would probably work better if you need more strength/have heavier drapes.

-Screw the cup hook into the wall. I had to hammer a small starter hole with a nail to assist with mine.-Once the nail polish is dry, hang your tiebacks on the cup hooks.

DIY Beaded Curtain Tiebacks Tutorial wood beads jump rings The Decor Guru olive drab cream turquoise

There you have it–  a quick and (if you already have all the supplies) virtually free accessory for your living quarters. They’re also a great way to tie colors into your room’s scheme and add texture.  They also inspire me more to make the bed and pull the curtains back to let in the little bit of winter sunlight.

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