DIY Foamboard and Fabric Headboard Tutorial

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I'd grown bored with the former pseudo-headboard I'd had plus I was changing up the color scheme in my bedroom. Before, I'd nailed a bamboo table runner to the wall. It served as a nice visual alternative to a headboard, but just wasn't my cup of tea anymore.

I spent a lot of time reviewing DIY info for making my own headboard but wanted something much simpler (and cheaper). A lot of tutorials I read involved using wood for the board and covering that with foam and upholstery fabric.  I figured since my focus wasn't on padding or a formal headboard, I could create a basic one with foamboard and less expensive fabric. DIY Foamboard and Fabric Headboard Tutorial The Decor Guru bamboo reeds border olive drab pointe chartreuse

I found some dark olive brushed ponte (oh so soft!) on clearance at Joann’s and some low-loft batting in my craft stash. Note: if you want more padding, you could use foam padding from a fabric store. Myself, I was going to create more padding with pillows. Originally, I’d created the headboard without the border, but later on decided it needed a little oomph, so utilized some decorative reeds. You can find these in the dried flower area of a craft store.

EDIT: Check out an upgrade of this headboard project & tutorial here.

SUPPLIES: Fabric, batting or padding (if desired), foamboard, Exacto knife, board to cut on, hot glue gun and glue,  adhesive velcro squares, reeds or bamboo, pruners, nylon beading string, hammer, nails, measuring tape, pencil, scissors.


-Determine your desired width and height for the headboard. I wanted mine less wide than my bed (queen) so I decided upon 50″ wide by 30″ tall. This computed into an easy size for the squares (10″ by 10″.)

-Measure your squares onto the foamboard and cut with the Exacto knife. Make sure to have a board underneath to avoid cutting into the surface that’s under your foam.

-Measure your batting or foam for the squares and cut.

-Measure and cut your fabric for the squares, adding an extra 1/2″ to 1″ around each side.

-Glue the batting to each square; once the glue is cool, cover each square with your fabric. The fabric will overlap the edges a bit; here is where you will apply the glue.

-Once the glue is cool, take your squares and place the one that will be in the exact middle of the headboard (2nd row, 3rd square) onto the wall. With your pencil, place a mark on the wall at each corner.

-Attach one side of several velcro squares to the back of this square. Make sure this part sticks onto the foamboard.

-Attach the other side of the velcro to the velcro on your square and remove the paper covering the adhesive. Carefully mount your square onto the wall, using the pencil marks you made as guides of where to place the corners of the square. Press firmly on the square.

-Prepare the rest of your squares with the velcro and attach to the wall.

-Now for the border: measure and with your pruners, cut your reeds/bamboo based on the length and width of your headboard. For mine, I did not add the reeds to the bottom of the headboard.

-Tie the reeds together with the nylon beading string near both ends; make several tight knots at each point. Make sure the knots are facing the same side, since you will be placing this side against the wall to hide them.

-Place a bundles of reeds against one side of your headboard and hammer a couple nails near the beading string with the knots facing the wall. Repeat for the other sides.

DIY Foamboard and Fabric Headboard Tutorial The Decor Guru bamboo reeds border olive drab pointe chartreuse

DIY Foamboard and Fabric Headboard Tutorial The Decor Guru bamboo reeds border olive drab pointe chartreuse

Voila! A soft, simple and modern headboard that is another great way to add texture and color to your bedroom.

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2 Comments on DIY Foamboard and Fabric Headboard Tutorial

  1. This is exactly the tutorial i was looking for. I’m thinking of doing the same thing. I’ll use a dark taupe color and some thin bamboo as the border. thanks so much for the tip

  2. No problem; thanks for stopping by! I like the look of upholstered DIY headboards, but this is nice if you don’t want to spend as much or work as much. Sound like a great look you’ll have there!

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