My First Power Tool

Today I made an exciting purchase, a cordless drill! I am super-dee-duper stoked about it.

I couldn’t even wait to let the battery fully charge before testing it out. I just recently learned that drills can be used in lieu of a screwdriver, and that pretty much sold me on getting one. I mean, in my recent quest of DIY home decor, I’ve been pondering buying a drill. I don’t even mind manually screwing in screws so much, but this puppy makes it soooo much easier. I don’t have to do a starter hole first with a hammer and a nail, and it’s a beautiful thing.

I also purchased some other stuff while shopping today. It felt pretty cool to browse a bit in Home Depot. I bought some more cool things: spray paint, for a few items to be revealed later; a houseplant (Snake’s Tongue); some Parsons table legs for a project I’m planning; drill bits of course; contact paper. I also scored matching bi-level Mid-Century end tables at a thrift store… 6 bones each. I plan on painting those and using at least one in my foyer area.

I’m pretty excited to start these projects. What really pushed me to buy the drill is this DIY coat rack, which I’ll document once it’s completed. In the meantime, I’m continuing to paint some designs on pillowcases and slowly working on redecorating my bathroom. Next on my agenda will be sewing up these pillows and a new shower curtain. Sometimes I wish I could just make all this stuff happen with a wiggle of my nose (or wiggle of a credit card), but the means to the end is important, right? I believe so.

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