DIY: Shower Curtain

Ever since I struck out on my own, I've lived in apartments. I'm actually one of those people who prefer being a renter, as it suits my lifestyle best. Over the past 13 years, I've adapted quite well to the disadvantages of apartment dwelling. One of those is not having much of a choice in the architecture and interior design. Before I moved here, I badly needed a new place to stay and this was actually a place I'd had my eye on before. Because my real estate company owns this property and my last apartment, I had an inside connection to scoring this apartment. Also, because I trust my company, I signed the lease for this place before viewing the actual apartment I'd take. My agent told me the bathroom would be a neutral shade. Boy, was she wrong. Almost everything is this retro/vintage mint green. Behold: Vintage mint green tile apartment bathroom The Decor Guru

You can’t see it in the photo, but the bathtub is also the same green as the sink. When I first moved in, it really took me aback. And then I cracked the heck up. What a decorating challenge this was sure to be.

My first inclination was to mute the green with brown/cream/tan and accent with turquoise, some of which you can see in the above photo. It worked for awhile and then I grew tired of it, feeling like it was a mint chocolate chip bathroom. (OK, I’m a foodie and this is my favorite ice cream flavor.)

I Googled high and low for suggestions on what colors to coordinate with this green and found a few people in the same boat. I believe one of these people accented their minty bathroom with black, so I decided to go with this combination. I stumbled across some fabulous fabric at Joanne’s one day that matched the green perfectly:

Bathroom shower curtain fabric Lady Yang mint green gold red black pink seafoam The Decor Guru

I could not believe how close a match it was and I was sure that was a sign from God. Plus, the print was called “Lady Yang” and incorporates both yin and yang visual elements. Sold! I added another DIY project to my to-do list.

A shower curtain is the best way to add style into a small bathroom plus it serves as the room’s focal point. The print seemed too busy for me to use as one big panel, so I chose to frame it with some black fabric. I was going to buy some solid black fabric from Joann’s, but had a better idea: a cheap flat sheet. I selected a full size to accommodate my measurements and sewed the printed fabric onto of it. It was cheaper, plus I only had to hem 2 sides of the fabric.

DIY Shower Curtain repurposed bedsheet grommets mint green bathroom makeover before and after The Decor Guru

Confession: my sewing skills aren’t up to par just yet and my stitching on the hem of the print was crooked. I improvised this by using some fabric glue and attaching black ribbon to hide this. I also sewed a button in each corner where the ribbon ended to hide the edges. For the grommets, I purchased very easy, snap-on ones:

DIY sew repurposed bedsheet shower Curtain grommets The Decor Guru

I really love the way the shower curtain makes a bold statement in what could be considered an abomination of a room. This bathroom really was a test in making the best of a situation I could not easily forego and I am actually thankful for the challenge. There are some more updates I plan on tackling in the bathroom to tie everything in, so be on the watch for future updates.

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4 Comments on DIY: Shower Curtain

  1. Great bathroom! Although the tile is a bright color, I love it. It is vintage tile at its best. You and I have very similar bathrooms, except my bathroom is a range of bland, neutral tile – still, from the 1960’s. Now following your blog!

    • Thanks for stopping over! I was shocked at all that green in the bathroom at first. But I’ve grown to love it.

      • Leslea K // 01/28/2013 at 6:42 PM //

        Putting the fabric panel on the black sheet was absolute genius! The black makes the print “pop” and separates it from the green tile. The print of the fabric would have been “too much” if it did not have the black all-around border. I came looking for ideas to stage a 60’s grey bathroom. I’ll definitely follow your blog for more great ideas!

  2. Thanks, Leslea! You should be able to find lots of ideas for a gray bathroom, since it’s a neutral. Thanks again for stopping by!

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