DIY: Eames-Inspired Coat Rack

In an effort to be more organized and infuse some flair into my home, I was on a mission to find a coat rack. After checking out lower-priced ones, I wasn't content and did some research on DIY coat racks. (This website has a great article on different DIY coat racks here.) I decided to create a slightly different version of this DIY coat rack,  inspired by the Eames Hang-It-All: DIY Eames-inspired coatrack tutorial The Decor Guru

The Eames Hang-It-All is actually something that was foreign to me… perhaps I saw one waaaay back when I was a kid, but I don’t recall. I really dug the modern feel to it plus that this tutorial allowed me to customize the colors and the appearance a bit. You can peep a photo of the original Eames version in Danielle’s tutorial on her blog site.

What I did differently than Danielle was use the hole from the wooden head beads as the hole to insert each hook. I hoped the pre-drilled holes in the beads would be large enough, but alas, they were not. No problem though, since I had my newly purchased drill! I did have to use a larger drill bit (1/4″) so my beads would fit the hooks. Once my new holes were drilled, I tried them out on the hooks and you really couldn’t tell these were head beads and not completely round balls. Good deal.

I also deviated from the tutorial by using more variation in the head beads and by placing these on all 12 hooks. I first sprayed these with primer and then hand painted each of these with acrylic paint. I chose to do this so I could customize the colors. You just don’t get the same spectrum of colors with spray paint as you do acrylic craft paint. Plus, I was again able to use the same colors as other recent painted decorations in my home. Several coats of paint was used as well as a polyurethane sealer.

I did not make a drying stand as she did, so I used a soap dish with holes, empty salt/pepper shakers and small bottles instead:

Painted head beads for DIY Eames inspired coatrack The Decor Guru

This project did take longer for me to complete due to the difference and paint; I also had some difficulty with the glue and head beads. Some of the beads didn’t secure too well onto the hooks, so I tried again until they were no longer wobbly.

Finally, the finished coat rack:

DIY Eames-inspired coatrack tutorial The Decor Guru

A view from the side:

DIY Eames-inspired coatrack tutorial The Decor Guru

(You really can’t see the flat part of the head bead too easily.)


Thanks so much Danielle for sharing your creativity and ideas with the world! Check out more of her blog here.

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