DIY: Patchwork Picket Fence Pillow

A little while ago, I discovered this tutorial for a patchwork pillow at the blog Made On Maple. I'm not usually a fan of quilts or quilt-like decor, but this one has a modern edge to it with the geometric pieces. What also sold me is that the directions are pretty straightforward, less of a need to measure each piece of fabric (my least favorite part of sewing) and the chance to incorporate different patterns/colors in one piece.

DIY Patchwork Picket Fence Pillow sewing turquoise osnaburg cotton fabric calico The Decor Guru

I first attempted this pillow last week, I believe. Notice I say “attempt.” I’m still quite an amateur at sewing, so my first stab at this pillow was a good learning experience. I took the “whimsical approach” detail of the tutorial a bit too literally and didn’t take the time to make sure the sides of my pieces lined up. Hence:

quilting roadkill patchwork sewing attempt

The first try: quilting roadkill.

I didn’t give up, though. I really enjoy sewing even though it’s a trying experience at times and I have a lot to learn. Luckily, I still had enough fabric remaining to try again. OK, I also used a little bit of new fabric. 🙂 Witness the do-over:

DIY sew patchwork picket fence pillow

Ahhh. Much better.

DIY sew patchwork picket fence pillow

The only things I did differently were use wider strips of fabric, since the pillow was a bed-sized pillow (20×27) and a darker thread for the outline for added contrast. I also pinned the batting down to sew it together, instead of using the spray adhesive recommended in the tutorial. It was too expensive for me ($15.99) when I’d probably never use it again.

I really dig this pillow! Many thanks to the ladies at Made on Maple for sharing this great (and free!) directions!

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1 Comment on DIY: Patchwork Picket Fence Pillow

  1. Yvonne Diedrich // 06/12/2011 at 6:03 PM // Reply

    Great Pillow! Freelance sewing is fine if you know the basics, but the second one is fantastic! Proud to see you stuck with it after the first attempt. Really like the colors and outline stitching too.

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