New Discovery: Osnaburg Fabric

I get so tickled when I discover something new, such as a different use for something or a new craft/art technique. This time, I stopped into Hobby Lobby & discovered a new (=new to me) fabric, unbleached Osnaburg:

unbleached Osnaburg fabric The Decor Guru

I’ve checked out utility fabrics before, because I’m drawn to the earthiness of cloths like burlap & linen. I was so pleased to find that this was made of cotton. My mother raised me to choose as many clothes as possible in natural fabrics & I apply this philosophy to fabric accessories also.  I bought a few yards of it (it’s cheap too!) & used some of it in the picket fence pillow I recently sewed:

DIY sew patchwork picket fence pillow unbleached Osnaburg fabric The Decor Guru

Considering how I was “coincidentally” drawn to this natural-looking fabric, I decided to update the decorating style in my living room to a beachy/mod look. I constantly seek natural accessories in fashion & decorating, like items made of wood, stones, glass, metal, & shells. So why fight it? It’s what I love. I’m not into the country or shabby chic look, but I think this fabric would work nicely for these decorating styles also.

I have some more decorating plans for it, but you’ll just have to check back for those. 🙂

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