Upcoming Furniture Project: Paint It Black

This past weekend I finally made a purchase I've been wanting for a while: paint and primer. Soon, I shall embark on the new-to-me journey of painting some wooden furniture. I'm anxious to start this project since I've got some furniture in serious need of a makeover. When I moved out on my own many moons ago, I was blessed with a new Broyhill dresser. I never minded the orange-ish color of the wood until I started taking decorating my home seriously. This wood tone is quite hard to match and incorporate into a color scheme. Plus, it's just not part of any decor style I enjoy. Behold: DIY paint wooden bedroom dresser black It's a beaut, huh?

It really has been a great piece of furniture that has lasted me 13 years so far, and I’ve love to keep it as long as possible. It also seems more practical than buying new pieces and I should have paint and primer to spare for any future projects. So, I shall soon be painting it black (Onyx by Glidden, to be exact), along with a couple small chests of drawer passed down to me from my grandmother:

DIY paint wooden chests of drawers black for bedroom

I’d love to go with the colored furniture trend, but seeing how I’ve been changing up colors frequently, it doesn’t seem like a practical choice. For the time being, I’ve settled on a black & white bedroom for serenity (yet some contrast) with olive and yellow-green accents. This way, if I decide to change the color again, all I have to change are the accessories.

I also bought some drawer pulls and knobs in a silver finish:

metal dresser pull in silver

metal dresser knob in silver

I think the knobs will look great with the small drawers since there’s not much detail in the design of the wood, but I’m open to something different with the large dresser, should something catch my eye. I’m hoping to start on these pieces within the next few weeks, weather and time-permitting since I’ll do some of the work outside.

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4 Comments on Upcoming Furniture Project: Paint It Black

  1. that is going to be amazing when done!! if you go to allyou.com they have daily freebies and one yesterday was a free sample of glidden stain. That might be nice for something too, free to boot! 🙂

  2. Tanya Sekhon // 07/31/2018 at 11:58 AM // Reply

    Hi Angela, Love, love, your dresser redo! We want to do the same thing with our slightly shabby bedroom set – could you tell me what type of polyurethane you used? I saw the paint you used was Onyx by Glidden – was that in flat?

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