Progress in the Bedroom…

...In redecorating, that is. :) (Get your minds out of the gutter!) This past week, I've repainting the chests of drawers mentioned here and shown below.  The furniture is pretty much the last bit of redecorating for my bedroom, so to celebrate, I made an inspiration board:

A little backwards, I know. Usually these boards are made before you start your project. I guess this helps me feel better in dealing with my impatience. I’m excited to be finished redecorating one more room besides the bathroom.

I’m enjoying the painting of the furniture, even if it’s been a learning experience. I’m learning to accept I get impatient (how many times do I have to sand, sheesh?!) and just want the finished product NOW. However, I’ve also felt quite empowered in doing this: I’m doing stuff that would be considered a man’s work. That’s why I love the (assisted) pull-up/dip machine at the gym, why I love my drill and why I’d love to even build furniture some day.

I’m also saving money by repainting furniture instead of buying new stuff, plus the furniture will now be unique and personalized. If I can get beyond my ego, I’d love to search the thrift stores for more furniture (albeit, small furniture) to revamp. Another benefit: it’s good to step outside your comfort zone. It challenges yourself from the typical, routine stuff you’re comfy with and it’s also good for the ol brain, like exercise for the brain.

So far, I’ve painted 2 coats on the actual chests and have completed 1 coat on the drawers (8 total). I planned on only 2 coats of paint, but considering the paint is black (Black Onyx interior paint by Glidden), I think a 3rd coat is necessary. They’re fairly covered now, but another layer should make them just right. I’m also painting the other bi-level Mid-Century Modern end table in the same fashion, instead of the Fusion spraypaint/Mod Podge method done with the other table. I think the second table will look much better with slight sanding/priming/painting/polyurethane sealing.

This week, I will start on the bedroom dresser. I took a few days off work so I can whip through most of the work during that time. Sometimes I just need to tackle projects like this without worrying about working 8 hours that day plus fitting in time at the gym. Plus, time off from work is always welcome.

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