Paint It Black: Furniture Repainting, Stage 1

Finally, the process of repainting my furniture has an outcome! I love the bright, funky color trend people are embracing lately with painting furniture, but I chose black paint because it’s practical. If I decide to move the piece into another room or for another use, it will easily match another color scheme. Plus, the color scheme in my bedroom is simple, neutral and has pops of green.

wood dresser paint makeover bedroom DIY glossy black with silver drawer pulls The Decor Guru

Read more about my nightstand makeover after the jump.

The first nightstand is one I’m using in my bedroom. The second is actually being used  as storage in my home office/living room. Starting the venture with these nightstands served as a trial for me before starting the dresser. The downside of semi-glossy polyurethane is that it  highlights imperfections in the wood or your painting. I will definitely select satin next time. But, However, I do like that the gloss adds a touch of glamour to the pieces.

before after wood dresser paint makeover bedroom DIY glossy black with silver drawer pulls The Decor Guru

I referenced a great website for repainting furniture, Centsational Girl. I reviewed lots of blogs for info and this one had the best details and product recommendations. Since this was a new creative endeavor for me, I needed as much info as possible. Check out the specific post I referenced here. I did do things a little differently, in which I did not use a paint roller and did it all by brush/hand. For the finer detail in the wood, I also used art paintbrushes.

Once I finish my dresser, I will post more tidbits and links for painting furniture. I’m currently sealing it with the same water-based polyurethane this weekend, woo hoo! I’m so excited to see it in my bedroom.

Note to self (as if I could forget): Don’t start a project like this with 4 different pieces of furniture and their drawers.

UPDATE: Check out the second phase of my furniture makeover here!

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