How to Makeover Your Patio Furniture On the Cheap

How to Make Over Your Patio Furniture On The Cheap The Decor Guru mint green latex paint slingback patio chair DIY

One of my favorite past-times is to make over something, especially with paint. I’m a sucker for any activity involving a paint brush. This mission to redecorate involved my balcony, a lovely space I consider as another room in my home.

The issue: the colors of my patio furniture no longer coordinated with the colors in my living room. I like to coordinate the colors in each of my rooms to create a sense of flow. They aren’t all decorated in the same colors, but they do each share a common color. I chose to extend this decor flow out to my balcony.

Several years ago, I scored a couple of outdoor sling chairs from Walmart for my balcony. They’re made of mesh and are fairly comfy, and were a decent golden yellow, not too bright like a lot of patio furniture. At the time, these warm colors matched well with the purples I had in my living room.

Then last year, I tried working with the yellow and incorporated it into my indoor color scheme of turquoise and red. I sewed pillow shams and painted a lotus design to tie the colors together. I dug the gold/turquoise/red color scheme, but I just didn’t love it. So, I decided to coordinate ALL the colors on my balcony to those in my living room, which now includes mint green and makeover those yellow chairs:

Patio chair makeover The Decor Guru yellow red turquoise purple mint green painted slingback chair DIY

Balcony table and mint green chairs al fresco outdoor dining How To Maximize Your Balcony/Patio/Outdoor Space decorating tips by The Decor Guru

The new color is also great because I can mix and match decor between the living room and balcony. There’s no tutorial since it was a pretty easy process.

*I selected latex indoor paint to paint only the mesh— Pale Jade by Glidden. I bought a quart in eggshell and ended up using about 2/3 of the can.

*I painted one coat on the front side of the mesh. After letting this dry overnight, I painted a second coat on the backside. After this dried overnight, I painted another coat on the front, to ensure thorough coverage. The latex paint worked much better for covering the mesh than the spray-paint… but because it covered it so well, the weave of the mesh is no longer open. (I’ll report back later on whether this matters in terms of ventilation and comfort.)

Here’s a closer shot of a chair along with a pillow sham I sewed to make over my pillows. I fell in love with the teal batik fabric at first sight. The pattern is perfect and summery.

Painted patio sling chair in mint green jade with batik teal pillow How To Maximize Your Balcony/Patio/Outdoor Space decorating tips by The Decor Guru

Have you made over your patio, balcony, deck or other outdoor space on the cheap? How did you do it? What’s your favorite method of revamping decor?

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13 Comments on How to Makeover Your Patio Furniture On the Cheap

  1. You can come makeover any part of my house inside and out…ya know, if you are bored. I promise it will keep you VERY busy!

  2. So is there any feed back on how the mesh chairs turned out? Did the latex paint hold up? What did you paint the arm/legs of the chair with?

    • Ah yes! The chairs held up OK through rain and whatnot. The arms and legs of the chairs weren’t painted. I did decide to replace the chairs though, because I changed colors on the balcony. Also, because the mesh was painted, there was no breathability. So that was a downside to their makeover. Thanks for asking!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. I picked up some cheap patio chairs on craigslist and have been considering painting the sling material. I’ll be heading to the department store for some latex indoor paint asap 🙂 Did you just use a regular paint brush? Thanks again!

  4. Christine // 05/07/2014 at 7:14 PM // Reply

    Do you think I can use Glidden Interior/Exterior Latex HIgh-Gloss to paint the mesh?

    • That’s a good question… honestly, I’m not positive. I say it would be safer not to and to use a flat paint, since that’s what I used and is all I can reference. Also, I wonder if a high gloss formula wouldn’t adhere as well. Good luck!

  5. Hello. The chairs look great! I am wondering how the painted mesh held up overtime? I have some pool loungers that I would like paint and am wondering if it’s worth the effort!


  6. How are those mesh painted chairs holding up now a year later??

  7. so happy! going to try the paint thing. slings in good shape just faded and stained . so glad i clicked

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