Sneak Peek at New Living Room Colors

I've been a lazy blogger lately. Part of that is due to slacking and the other part is due to working on a project: once again, I'm redecorating my living room. (Newsflash of the year, LOL). And of course, I've rearranged the room as I always do when the season changes. I finally decided to make over my living room with a neutral color scheme. A neutral scheme allows me to easily update the colors with small changes like accessories whenever I decided a change was needed. I still love the turquoise & teal but they now serve as accent colors. Here's a sneak peek into some of the changes I've already implemented... Even though the wooden room divider/screen was a bust, I used the leftover pieces to paint large wall decor. I also sewed new pillow covers and am working on more. (They've got to be the EASIEST way to change up your decor, I swear.) Here's a tease of the new sitting area:

living room teal black white gray and silver Hand Painted Stenciled Wooden Panel Wall Decor in moroccan design pattern The Decor Guru

Another sewing project I embarked on was adding a ric-rack trim to the new white curtains (Ikea Vivan) I purchased. If you want to save money, adding trim to your existing curtains is a great option.

White Living Room Scheme Ric Rac Trimmed Curtains The Decor Guru apartment living room makeover mod moroccan

Plus I made a new cover for this large pillow that I use for cushioning on this Ikea Garpen corner chair. I used a cotton/poly blend bottomweight, which was awesome because it doesn’t wrinkle as easily and is a heavier fabric than the calico I use for most pillow covers. I also trimmed it with ribbon, to complement the curtain trim and outline in the wall decor behind the sofa.

IKEA Garpen chair apartment living room makeover black white trimmed ribbon pillow cushion DIY ottoman gray The Decor Guru

Most of the changes have been small and consist of accessories, but I want to make sure everything is just right before I reveal the end result.

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2 Comments on Sneak Peek at New Living Room Colors

  1. Ooo love the ric-rack trim on the curtains! : )

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo

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