Before & After: Entertainment Center/Bookshelf Makeover

Welcome to the final leg of my living room makeover: the "entertainment center."  It's not an entertainment center unit per se, but it's where I have all my books, my TV and electronic toys. Click on the photo to zoom in.

Entertainment Center makeover with white Expedit bookshelves, Capita legs from IKEA silver black mod Moroccan living room makeover The Decor Guru

Before making this area of my living room over,  I considered several options: using a dresser, purchasing a TV stand or similar storage unit, or using bookshelves again but buying new shelves. I decided upon the latter and planned my next visit to IKEA.

I decided to use IKEA’s Expedit bookshelves. I love their simplicity, the clean lines, and their practicality. I also chose these because if I decide to change things up in the future, they can easily be hacked or revamped.

Black furniture provides a wonderful, sharp contrast against white walls, but having so much of it was starting to feel heavy in the room. When I decorate, my primary goal is to create a specific mood and energy in a room. Using the the white shelves, they blend in with the white walls and give an illusion of extra space. The white Expedit shelves also add a modern, contemporary element to the room.

I used three Expedit units:  two of the 31″ x 31″ units and one of the 17″ x 31″ units. This cost more vs. buying the 31″ x 58″ shelves, but I had my reasons for this. The smaller piece is used in the middle for the TV, so that the TV is at a comparable height to my sofa and at eye-level. (Also, they were much easier to fit into my car than the large shelving unit.) To add to the flow of energy and to lessen the visual weight of the pieces, I added Capita legs from IKEA; these were 4″ and cost $10 per a set of four.

Overall, I spent less than $150 for all the components. When you compare how much space there is (total width is 92″—great for my long wall) and that these pieces are interchangeable, this was a much better deal than buying an actual TV unit/entertainment center for the same amount. I can easily move around these pieces, stack them, or separate them for use in another room.

After having all my books and items hidden by the curtains previously, I’m still getting used to it all being on display. I may consider adding or crafting some kind of doors in the future, but for the moment, I’m learning to embrace it as is. I do think the open shelving helps with the flow of energy. The open shelving also allows allow me a chance to showcase accessories in each cubby.

Expedit Bookshelf Entertainment Center Vignette hourglass The Decor Guru

I separated my books upon subject matter so they can be referenced easily: art, decor, health, mind, spirit, etc. After doing this, I ended up with a pretty balanced distribution per shelf. I then added an accessory to each shelf.

Expedit Bookshelf Entertainment Center Vignette mod Moroccan living room makeover silver elephant

Soon I will be posting a recap of the entire living room/home office makeover. There’s a lot of little changes & makeovers I did with accessories plus I have a new camera to play with. Giggidy. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: View the living room makeover here!

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  1. This looks great! Would you mind telling me what your TV measures?

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