Living Room Makeover with Mod & Moroccan Decor

It took a few months to complete my living room make-over, but it is finally ready for sharing:

mod Moroccan apartment living room makeover black white gray silver teal The Decor Guru

My living room was previously styled in turquoise (my favorite color) but I decided a change was needed. This makeover was primarily accomplished by updating existing accessories and furniture. Come take a look at how I turned my living room/home office into a peaceful yet enjoyable place with a neutral color scheme.

First, I took into account how I wanted to feel when using my living room—what energy would I like to experience here? Because I spend so much time in this room, I needed a feeling of simplicity and order. I needed not to feel so confined in here.

Color is a strong factor in determining this energy because it has a psychological effect on us. White is the color of purity, clarity, and peace. Scientifically, white is the combination of all colors and reflects light back into the atmosphere. Previously, my living room had a feel of vibrancy and kinetic energy with all the turquoise I’d chosen. Re-decorating the room with a large amount of white gives the illusion of extra space and helps create an airy sense of energy.

Before after mod Moroccan apartment living room makeover white cream black gray teal silver The Decor Guru

Before after mod Moroccan apartment living room makeover white cream black gray teal silver The Decor Guru

Style-wise, I created a combination of Moroccan and mod decor. I’m never one to settle on just one style of anything and I dig mixing things up to make the room more unique. I’ve always loved the geometric and exotic appeal of the Moroccan design plus the funky aesthetic of mid-century modern (MCM) decor. I consider it a mod-Moroccan style.

My spin on both of these styles was to use neutrals instead of the jewel tones and gold that’s traditionally used in Moroccan decor. One way I reinforced this was in painting these wall panels with white, silver, gray, black, and a shot of teal:

DIY plywood wall art mod Moroccan apartment living room makeover white cream black gray teal silver The Decor Guru

I also found this Moravian star at the thrift store in the Christmas section. It was actually a tree topper but I cut the wire off and made it over with silver wrapping paper, Mod Podge, and upholstery nails:

Tree topper Moravian star makeover decoupage mod Moroccan apartment living room makeover white cream black gray teal silver The Decor Guru

In lieu of the lush textiles commonly used in Moroccan decor, I used solid, cotton, subtle patterns, and simple trim. My curtains were updated to white panels that filter some of the natural light but not all of it. (This was key because most of the natural light I receive is in the morning/early afternoon.) To add a touch of pattern to the room and frame my large window, I sewed black rick-rack trim to one side of each panel.

White Living Room Scheme Ric Rac Trimmed Curtains The Decor Guru apartment living room makeover mod moroccan

To ensure the room didn’t feel sterile with all that white, I also decorated with silver, black and gray. I’d previously had a lot of black furniture in my living room, but found it to be visually heavy with the new white scheme. To resolve this, I purchased a few new things but mostly made over existing pieces.

Entertainment Center makeover with white Expedit bookshelves, Capita legs from IKEA silver black mod Moroccan living room makeover The Decor Guru

My prized possession, the DIY decoupage mosaic coffee table:

Mosaic coffee table make over The Decor Guru silver Rub n Buff Mod Podge decoupage Infinity

I’ve always been a silver gal with jewelry and because it’s cool-toned, it pairs nicely with the white. The silver also adds a touch of glam to the room. The frame and vase I made over with the same Rub N Buff I used on the mosaic coffee table shown above:

vases houseplants Lerberg Shelf Apartment Living Room Mod Moroccan Makeover The Decor Guru

This frame was once bronze and changed to silver with Rub n Buff:

MCM mod Moroccan living room makeover with black white silver frame made over with Rub n Buff The Decor Guru

I still kept some items in black to include pops of contrast against the white. Some of the “new” accessories I purchased are these milk glass vases, found at a local thrift store. These add the mod/MCM aspect of style to the room:

MCM mod Moroccan living room makeover with black WHITE SILVER TEAL MILK GLASS VINTAGE SHELVES

These coasters were scored at a thrift store and made over with paint and a lotus design:

Teak wood coasters makeover mod MCM Moroccan living room made over with white spray paint cork upholstery nails and paint The Decor Guru

A sense of airiness was also achieved by adding glass accessories. The way light plays on the glass also adds a reflective, glam element to the room. I replaced several lamps with glass lamp bases and added the same rick-rack trim from the curtains to the lampshades.

MCM mod Moroccan living room makeover glass lampbase and lampshade with rick rack trim

Since my home office/workstation area is also in my living room, I made over some of this space. To add that pop of color and more MCM style, I painted my vintage wooden tanker desk a lovely teal. It brings just the right amount of color to the room without being overwhelming.

MCM mod Moroccan living room home office makeover with black white silver teal wood vintage tanker desk

It brings me much relief to be done with the living room, although I know in the back of my mind I’ll probably change it up again. But with this neutral color scheme, updating the room will be cheap and easy. Now on to the bedroom…

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12 Comments on Living Room Makeover with Mod & Moroccan Decor

  1. This is a great makeover! I know what you mean about dark furniture feeling too heavy. That is the problem I’m having so its nice to see how you were able to turn it around 🙂 Thanks for linking up at Well Crafted Wednesdays!

    • Thanks for stopping over & for your link party! I used to think black furniture was the way to go because it’s so practical—it can be used with any color. The white pieces seem to blend right into the walls.

  2. Michelle // 01/02/2013 at 2:57 AM // Reply

    I am normally not a fan of anything modern looking at all and I also don’t like the trend of everything being white, but I think this looks absolutely stunning! You’ve added just enough touches of color to the white to keep it from being too stark and all the lines are so clean. I love it!

    • I appreciate your feedback! I feel the same about a lot of modern decor too, so if I use it, the room has to be functional and comfortable. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh WOW!!! The whole look is AMAZING!!! LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  4. Nicole Cassidy // 01/07/2013 at 9:38 PM // Reply

    I so need your help in decorating my house. You have such a talent and gift!

  5. TY for sharing – and all your wonderful details! The only thing you didn’t talk about was that “corner” chair, in front of the window, which I find a very fascinating look.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’ve had that chair for months so it wasn’t made over, just the pillows I use for cushioning were.

      It’s actually a patio chair from IKEA in the Garpen line. The patio furniture was cheaper than a regular chair and I like the look of it. It’s not as comfy without the pillow, but hey, that was an easy fix. This chair is much deeper than others though, so that was a bonus. Pretty lightweight too.

  6. I love your attention to detail. Great job!

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