Creative Resolutions for 2013

Creative Resolutions for 2013 The Decor Guru goals Happy New Year! I imagine if others are like me, there's always a project to be tackled in our homes. I have an ongoing list of things to continue doing. I decided to make some of them resolutions for 2013. I don't usually set resolutions just for New Years, but this year is more symbolic for some reason. These aren't just things that need to be done at home; they're also goals for me to continue down my creative path and fulfill my passions.

  1. Keep challenging myself and pushing forward with my dream: to become an interior decorator. I made the decision recently to change my career path from artist to decorator, because it’s a more tangible dream. I’ve always loved decorating and would enjoy a job that allows me to be creative. My plan will be to soon start school again for classes in this field.
  2. Makeover my bedroom. I’ve been working so hard on the living room that I’ve let the bedroom be whatever it is—and it deserves a makeover too. Actually, I’m already in the process of doing this, but I have more research to do and more projects to come up with. It will be another combination of decor but mostly an Asian/Zen feel.
  3. Finish decorating the bathroom. This is another room that’s fallen by the wayside. There’s just a few little details that need to be added, thankfully.
  4. Makeover my entry way. It’s fairly functional now, but I want to create an area that stands out.
  5. Re-organize my closets. This seems to be a regular occurrence each year, LOL. I still have things I don’t use enough so they will be making their way to a donation spot.
  6. Create more tutorials. I’d like to venture into more home sewing projects, repurposing, & additional ways to creatively yet cheaply decorate. I may possibly venture into the world of video.
  7. Start a regular feature/series regarding decor on this blog.
  8. Learn about more decor styles, especially the ones that don’t interest me. It’s easy for me to learn about the stuff I dig, so this will be a great challenge & exercise.
  9. Continue networking with other bloggers. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of being featured on another site for my project so I’d love to pay it forward and feature others. The human connection is very important to me & so is paying it forward. There’s so much creativity out there!
  10. Continue learning about this blogging world. It’s still fairly new to me so I know I can keep learning & making this blog better. Big shout out to all the fellow bloggers that share their wisdom.

So those are my creative resolutions for this great new year… what are yours?

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4 Comments on Creative Resolutions for 2013

  1. How Nice! Wishing you a blessed year ahead..have fun!

  2. I’m really enjoying reading people’s goals because I get to learn more about them! Redo my bedroom is on my list too, well on my 30 before 30 list!!! I’ve just been writing down ideas for now. 🙂 I look forward to your decorating series. 🙂

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