Upcoming Blog Series: Get Your Color On!

When I was a child, I loved memorizing all the Crayola crayon colors & was envious when they created new names years ago. To this day, I still reference some of these colors by their names, like Carnation Pink or Cadet Blue.

As a young adolescent, I receive the nickname “Rainbow Brite” because of my penchant for wearing saturated colors and neon.

Today, the clothes hanging in my closet are arranged by color. When I create spreadsheets at work, I color code the text and columns. I considered recovering all my books in one matching shade, but vetoed that idea because I can find the book I need faster by recalling its color.

Simply put, color (and love) rules my world. I believe colors have their own unique energy and purpose. I draw inspiration from color and go through “color of the month” phases.

Are you as color-oriented as I am? Do you love color but are hesitant to use it? Do you want to try out a new color scheme but are unsure how to create it? Do you just like to look at pretty things?

Get Your Color On blog series decorating DIY ideas tips inspiration moodboard The Decor Guru

That’s why I’m creating a blog series centered around color, “Get Your Color On!” This series will highlight decor and tips for decorating with the featured color,  color schemes, and other bloggers’ projects using this color. I will also discuss the color’s symbolism and how to create a certain energy with said color.

First in the series and coming soon: the greens of Spring.

Thanks for visiting! Let’s stay connected!

6 Comments on Upcoming Blog Series: Get Your Color On!

  1. I am also very colour oriented. I find the most people are scared to decorate with bold colours, which is a shame, because it can have such dramatic effects.

  2. As a home stager, I have to advise my sellers to “depersonalize” and neutralize in order to allow potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the house. That does NOT mean painting the house in “refrigerator” white! The judicious use of color on walls and in accessories can really make a difference so I am constantly looking for new ways to use color creatively. I am really looking forward to this blog and everyone’s comments.

    • Sounds like it could be a tricky balance, having a house decorated in a neutral enough way yet to still have some personality & color. Home staging sounds like a fun job too. I may have to do some more research into what that’s like. Hopefully you enjoy it! Thanks for visiting!

  3. ohioterp56 // 02/22/2013 at 10:15 PM // Reply

    I am in the process of adding color to my bland beige living room. Wanted to add some green in a brighter shade to wake it up and also blend with the living plants outside the windows. So… I’m definitely looking forward to your blog and ideas. Color does affect all of us, even when we’re unconscious of it. I can see the strong connection between your art and interior decorating. Look at it this way– now you have a bigger canvas to work on!
    Love reading your blogs. You really are blossoming in creativity!

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