Eclectic, Green Art and Decor in the Great Lakes

Another Earth Day post? Madness! I'd like to feature this piece from Houzz on the home and artwork of a fellow classmate/fellow creator/fellow Toledoan, Danielle Herrera. I'm happy to share this article not just out of hometown pride, but because her decor encompasses a personalized, thrifty, and one-of-a-kind style. Check out a sneak peek of it:

Much of her unique artwork is used to decorate her home. I love her work because she repurposes fabric, paper, zippers, beads, etc. to create pop art pieces that resonate with so many of us.

To view more of Danielle Herrera’s artwork, visit her Facebook page, paperDENIMart. If you’re interested in purchasing her art or commissioning her for a personalized piece, please email her through this Facebook page.

If you’d like to check out her art up close and personal, make your way to Artomatic this Saturday, April 27. Artomatic is a FREE art exhibition hosted by the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo that features a multitude of visual artists, performers, and musicians.

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