Graduating To More Space: Moving

Graduating to More Space Home Moving New Apartment The Decor GuruBig news: I'm graduating into a larger apartment! I've wanted more space for-like-ever, but just figured I'd suck it up, save money, and make the most of my one-bedroom home. But when an opportunity for a two-bedroom apartment opened up that was an easy move, I had to take it. For this week or so, I'll be somewhat MIA with my blog. Don't fret though, I will be back shortly to post new material, respond to your comments, & of course check out your blogs as well.

I have no kids or pets, but having a second bedroom will benefit me immensely. First, I work from home for my 9 to 5 job. I have my desk in my living room and it hasn’t been much of an inconvenience, but it will be great to have my office in a separate area.

The second benefit is that I can do all my blogging, decor projects, painting, etc. in this extra bedroom. Having to take on those projects in the living room usually results in a lot of clutter until that project is done. (And of course, once I’m done I’m ready to start another!)

This new apartment will bring forth more storage space. Being a DIY craft and decor fanatic also means I have a lot of crafts, pending projects, and decorations. Can I get an amen for more closets?! My closets will no longer be filled to the brim with stuff. Which means they will be much more accessible and feng shui-friendly.

Yet another plus is having an actual dining area. I’ve never really had a dining room in any of my former homes or current one, so this will be a welcome change. Eating on the floor at the coffee table is only cool for so long.

Also, due to how the apartment is positioned, I’ll have no next-door neighbors. Just a nice elderly couple below me.

Yes, I’ve taken on the huge task of moving. But this new place is literally just down the hall from my current apartment. Which means not having to hire movers or rent a truck, not having to pack/unpack tons of boxes, and not hauling crap up/down stairs. It means a lot of walking back and forth. But that transporting will nicely replace as my workouts for the week.

I’m so excited and very much look forward to sharing the new space with you! I’m already planning new decorating projects for this new home… which I consider an investment in my future career of interior design.

How do you feel about moving? Do you find it to be exciting for the blank slate experience? Or do you find it’s one of the most stressful life events as they say?

Thanks for visiting! Let’s stay connected!

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